Both Worlds: Living with the Dead by Susan Bond

Susan Bond didn’t know that the lady who came to talk to her in the pram was dead. Why should she? Growing up in a poor, Catholic household in the 1960’s presented many difficulties for a little girl who saw spirit, both good and evil. Not least of all was the hunger.

With the help of her spirit guide Michael, Susan learnt to cope with seeing, hearing and sensing those that wanted to communicate. She learnt to protect herself and use her talents to provide others with comfort. The effects however of a disbelieving and neglectful Mother would reverberate down the years.

In her first book, Both Worlds: Living everyday with the Dead, Susan talks of the unusual circumstances of her birth and the early years growing up in Slough. A normal girl with a special gift that was far from welcomed by those closest to her.

Susan Bond is now a Wife and Grandmother living in Stevenage, Hertfordshire. Susan is an international medium offering both personal and telephone readings. She is currently working on her second book.

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