How to find a competent tradesman?

Looking for a reliable tradesman is a difficult task. With horror stories about cowboy builders constantly on TV and in the press, putting your faith in someone and parting with your hard earned cash takes a great deal of trust. There is one way, however, that you can guarantee proficiency in the trade you have employed and that is through a competence card scheme. There can be no guarantees of course and taking up referrals and references is certainly a sensible thing to do nevertheless, a card from say the CSCS, indicates to the client that the individual has the skills required and the knowledge to work safely.

The CSCS card is specific to the trade and depends on experience and qualifications. With over 1.7 million members the scheme is the largest in the UK and covers 220 occupations. There are many different levels of card; colour coded indicating the level of qualification within the particular profession. To apply for the card, an individual has to prove a certain level of competency for the job and pass relevant health and safety tests relating to their occupation. Proof of competency in a particular trade together with the correct health and safety knowledge is enough to make most people feel comfortable of inviting the approved tradesman into their home.

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