The Timber Industry - well placed for the future

The Timber industry is no doubt enjoying a much improved reputation over recent years. Organisations such as TRADA -Timber research and development association, CPET - Central point of expertise on timber procurement and the Forestry Commission have done much to improve the image of the industry in general.

CPET provides information on how to meet the UK Government’s Timber Procurement Policy, funding is sourced from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Their website contains practical solutions to ensure you ahere to current policies.

The Forestry Commission is a Government department responsible for the protection and expansion of Britains' woodlands and forests. Good forestry management leaves parts of the forest untouched and enforces re-planting programs. The Forestry Commission for Great Britain plant 24 million trees a year and sustainably harvest 5 million tonnes of wood every year from our public forests.

Sustainably sourced timber is in demand, green issues are increasingly important to many sectors of the population. TRADA is a membership organisation that provides its members with advice and information, their goal is to maximise the many benefits of timber products including cladding and decking.

It is important to demonstrate legality and sustainability, help is definitely out there to ensure best practice is followed.

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