Pressrelease Lindex AGM 030116

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News release from the Annual General Meeting of AB Lindex The Annual General Meeting of AB Lindex on 16 January 2003 confirmed the Board of Directors' proposal to pay a dividend to the shareholders of SEK 6.00 per share. 21 January 2003 was confirmed as the record day for the right to receive dividend. The dividend will be remitted by VPC on 24 January 2003. The Board of Directors proposal to amend the Articles of Association relating to moving the company's registered office from Alingsås to Gothenburg was confirmed by the AGM. Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg, Bengt Larsson, Erik Stensrud, Gerard De Geer, Jörgen Johansson, Lars Otterbeck, Michael Lemner and Tommy Persson were re-elected as Board Members. Marie Ehrling did not stand for re- election. The employees have appointed Karin Larsson and Rigmor Lundbäck, HAF, as Employee Representatives. Alice Eriksson, HAF, and Rune Lindstrand, HTF, have been appointed Deputy Employee Representatives. The AGM determined a fixed fee of SEK 1,220,000 to be distributed between the Board Members in accordance with the decision of the Board of Directors. Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg, Ramsay Brufer, Björn Lind and Ola Uhre were re-elected as Members of the Nomination Committee. The Annual General Meeting decided to adopt the Board of Directors' proposal for an incentive scheme for senior executives. The AGM also decided to authorise the Board of Directors of AB Lindex to decide on acquisition and transfer of own shares for a period up to the next Annual General Meeting. The objective of the authorisation is to achieve cost-efficient security of the value vis-à-vis the financial exposure which could arise in connection with the adopted incentive scheme. The proposed incentive scheme covers the period 1 September 2002 - 31 August 2003. At the Inaugural Board Meeting following the AGM Birgitta Johansson- Hedberg was re-elected Chairwoman. The President's speech at the AGM is published (Swedish) on Lindex's website For further information please contact: Jörgen Johansson, President and CEO Tel: +46 (0) 322-777 02 Mobi +46 (0) 70-594 l: 21 22 Ulrika Danielson, Informations Tel: +46 (0) 322-744 manager 00 Mobi +46 (0) 70-950 l: 16 13 The Lindex Group comprises two retail chains: Lindex with 317 stores in the Nordic market and 33 stores in Germany, and Twilfit with 58 stores in Sweden of which 10 are operated as franchise stores. The Group's business areas are Ladies' Wear, Lingerie and Children's Clothing. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: