To the shareholders of AB LINDEX (publ) Corporate identity number 556452-6514

To the shareholders of AB LINDEX (publ) Corporate identity number 556452-6514 Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of AB Lindex, at which your attendance is requested, will be held in Chalmers Kårhus, Chalmersplatsen 1, Göteborg, Sweden on Tuesday 7 December 2004 at 4 pm. The doors will open and registration for the Annual General Meeting will commence at 3 pm. Coffee and sandwiches will be served between 3 and 4pm. Notification of attendance Shareholders who wish to attend the AGM must be registered with the Swedish Securities Centre, VPC AB, no later than Friday 26 November 2004. and notify the company of their intention to attend not later than 1 pm on Friday 3 December 2004 - preferably by returning the enclosed reply card - to AB Lindex, Box 233, SE-401 23 Göteborg, or by telephoning +46 322-777 39, or by e-mail to:, stating name, personal/corporate identity number and daytime telephone number. To qualify for attendance, shareholders, whose shares are nominee-registered through a bank's trust department or individual stockbroker must temporarily re-register their shares in their own names with the Swedish Securities Register Centre, VPC AB. Shareholders who wish such re-registration must notify the nominee of this in good time before 26 November 2004. AGM Agenda 1. Opening of the Annual General Meeting 2. Election of a Chairman for the AGM 3. Preparation and approval of the voting list 4. Approval of the Agenda 5. Election of persons to verify the Minutes and check votes 6. Procedure to establish if the AGM has been duly convened 7. Submission of the Annual Report and the Audit Report as well as the consolidated accounts and Group Audit Report for the 2003/2004 financial year 8. Business regarding adoption of profit and loss account and balance sheet as well as consolidated profit and loss account and consolidated balance sheet 9. Appropriation of the company's profit or loss in accordance with the adopted balance sheet 10. Business of discharge from liability of the Members of the Board of Directors and the President 11. Determination of number of Board Members and Deputy Board Members to be elected by the AGM 12. Determination of fees for the Board of Directors 13. Election of Board Members and Deputy Board Members 14. Business of appointing a Nomination Committee 15. Any other business 16. Closing of the Annual General Meeting. Proposals at the Annual General Meeting Item 9 The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of SEK 15.00 per share. Friday 10 December 2004 is proposed as the record day for the dividend. Should the AGM decide in accordance with the proposal, it is expected that the dividend will be remitted by VPC on Wednesday 15 December 2004. Under items 11-14 of the Agenda, shareholders representing approximately 37 per cent of votes in the company will propose the following: Item 11 Determination that the number of Board Members shall be seven and that no Deputy Board Member shall be appointed. Item 12 That the remuneration of the Board of Directors is set at SEK 1,300K and that the remuneration is distributed among the Board Members as follows: To the Chairman, SEK 300,000; to other Board Members elected by the Annual General Meeting, SEK 150,000; and for preparation work, SEK 100,000 to be distributed by the Board of Directors Item 13 Re-election of Board Members Christer Gardell, Conny Karlsson, Bengt Larsson and Lars Otterbeck and election of Kicki Olivensjö, Nora Förisdal Larssen and Lars Förberg. Birgitta Johansson-Hedberg, current Chairman of AB Lindex and Gerard De Geer will not stand for re-election. Kicki Olivensjö (1958) is a fashion and textiles consultant. She is also a Board Member of Idinge&olivensjö AB. Nora Förisdal Larssen (1965) has previously been a partner at McKinsey&Company's office in Stockholm and has led McKinsey's activities within retail trading and consumer goods in Scandinavia. She has no other board assignments. Lars Förberg (1965) is the managing director and co-owner of Amaranth Capital. He is also a Board Member of Intrum Justitia AB. Item 14 That the Annual General Meeting shall decide that a Nomination Committee is appointed to undertake the following: The preparation and submission of proposals to the shareholders in the company for the election of Board Members and, where appropriate, for the appointment of Auditors and for the remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Auditors. In accordance with the proposal, the Chairman of the Board shall contact the five largest shareholders in good time ahead of the AGM to appoint a Nomination Committee in consultation with them. It should be possible for the Chairman of the Board to be elected as a member of the Nomination Committee and to be appointed as Chairman of the Nomination Committee. The Chairman of the Board shall also ensure that information about the composition of the Nomination Committee, including contact information, is published in good time ahead of the AGM and shall also, as a part of the Nomination Committee's work, report to the Nomination Committee on the conditions relating to the Board of Directors' work and on the need for specialist competence, etc, which could be of importance in relation to the nomination work. Shareholders shall be able to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee for further evaluation within the framework of its activities. ____________________ An Agenda including proposals for resolutions on all issues can be obtained per e-mail: or by telephoning +46 322-777 39. Göteborg, November 2004 AB Lindex (publ) Board of Directors ____________________ For further information, please contact: Göran Bille, President and CEO of AB Lindex telephone +46 31 739 50 02 mobile +46 703-44 43 04 Ulrika Danielson, Corporate Communications Manager telephone +46 31 739 50 05 mobile +46 709-50 16 13 The Lindex Group consists of two retail chains: Lindex which has 315 stores in the Nordic market and 25 stores in Germany, and Twilfit, which has 58 stores in Sweden. The Group's business areas are Lingerie, Ladies' Wear, and Children's Clothing. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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Lindex is one of Europe's leading fashion company, with approximately 460 stores in 18 markets and sales online. Lindex offers inspiring and affordable fashion for the fashion interested and conscious woman. The assortment includes several different concepts within women's wear, kids' wear, lingerie and cosmetics. Lindex is growing, both in own channels and together with global fashion platforms. Lindex sustainability promise is to make a difference for future generations by empowering women, respecting the planet and ensuring human rights. Lindex is a fully owned subsidiary of STOCKMANN plc. More information is available at


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