Professor Eva Hemmungs Wirtén named the 2015-16 Paul Otlet Fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation

Eva Hemmungs Wirtén, Professor of Mediated Culture at Culture and Society, Linköping University, has been awarded the 2015-16 Paul Otlet Fellowship in the History of Information Science at The Beckman Centre, the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF), Philadelphia.

She receives the fellowship - a donation from Eugene Garfield - for the project “Big Bibliography: Science Under the Weight of Information Overload.” Eva Hemmungs Wirtén will be in residence for three months in the summer of 2016 to consult the CHF archives and resources. “Big Bibliography” looks at the historical development of the modern infrastructure for scientific communication, focusing in particular on the role of patents.

The Belgian visionary Paul Otlet (1868-1944) is often described as a forefather of Information Science and the Internet. Together with Henri La Fontaine (1854-1943, Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 1913) he established the Mundaneum, today a museum in Mons, Belgium.

“Big Bibliography” develops from a chapter in Eva Hemmungs Wirtén’s recently published Making Marie Curie: Intellectual Property and Celebrity Culture in an Age of Information (University of Chicago Press), a book which has been reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, Times Higher Education and Nature.

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