ClickView and IDNSAV form partnership to provide schools with the complete audio visual solution

ClickView, provider of captivating, educational digital video and image content has joined forces with leading national distributor of IT and AV products, IDNSAV, to provide schools with a one-stop-shop for all their audio visual needs.

Under the terms of the new partnership, IDNSAV will include the entire ClickView product range in its IT and AV sales offering to schools, as well as providing customer support on ClickView services. Current IDNSAV customers will also be able to purchase ClickView products and incorporate them into their existing audio visual solutions.

The partnership means that schools now have a one-stop-shop for all their audio visual needs, with the opportunity to purchase both digital technology and content from one provider. LCD digital displays, one of IDNSAV’s key products, have seen a huge growth in the UK education market. With the inclusion of ClickView in the IDNSAV portfolio, schools that use IDNSAV products, such as LCD digital displays, can now automatically link their digital library with digital technology around the campus, rather than having to set this up through a different provider.

Through IDNSAV, schools will be able to directly purchase the ClickView digital library, with over 1000 educational videos from prestigious providers such as National Geographic, Getty, Discovery Education and Classroom Video, which can be watched via LCD digital displays, PCs and, by downloading the ClickView Player app, mobile devices such as tablets.

By purchasing ClickView Live, a hardware device that offers six selectable streams for broadcasting video across a local network, including TV and copyrighted video such as DVD, schools will also be able to broadcast live video to any digital device in the school. This means news channels could be playing in student common rooms while the school’s latest sports matches could be shown on screens in hallways and reception areas for any prospective parents.

Also available for purchase directly through IDNSAV will be ClickView Online, a service which allows teachers and students to access their video library off campus, ClickView 24-7, a 24 hour digital TV recording device, and ClickView Exchange, an online community where schools and colleges share recorded television content with each other.

Commenting on the partnership, Trevor Hensley, Business Development Manager at ClickView said, “We are delighted to be working with IDNSAV. We were drawn to the company by its hugely successful track record in sales as well as its strong support team. Everyone at IDNSAV has been very enthusiastic about ClickView and we look forward to working with them and growing our user-base in the UK market.”

Darren Clayman, AV Director at IDNSAV, said, “At IDNSAV, we pride ourselves on being able to recognise a winning solution, and ClickView definitely ticks all the boxes - flexibility, quality, cost efficiency and ease of use. We are confident that the combination of ClickView’s products and capabilities and IDNSAV’s technical abilities and position within the marketplace alongside both companies’ reputations, will ensure a successful partnership.”

To learn more about ClickView, please visit or call 01223 327 926