Texthelp launches iReadWrite -an exciting new app that provides writing help on the iPad

An exciting new app to provide writing support on an iPad has been launched by Texthelp, leading manufacturers of literacy support software. Available now in the App store, iReadWrite will ensure you never make a mistake when writing emails or posting on Facebook and Twitter.

The app’s clever Spelling and Homophone checker automatically checks you are using the correct word and the right spelling before a message or document is sent.

iReadWrite allows you to export your finished document to e-mail, Facebook or Twitter and is specially designed to run directly on the iPad without the need for Wi-Fi or 3G access.

Among the app’s powerful support features are:

  • Text-to-Speech with Dual-Colour Highlighting – reads text aloud with dual-colour highlighting to improve comprehension and accuracy
  • Contextual Word Prediction – uses context and the phonetic spell checker to predict words and help develop writing skills and sentence construction
  • Phonetic Spell Checker – identifies and corrects spelling mistakes including phonetic and flexible spelling errors and missing vowels
  • Sounds Like and Confusable Word Checker – identifies words that sound the same, as well as those that are easily confused and offers alternative choices and definitions to help you choose the correct spelling more easily

In his review of iReadWrite, Andy Lees, Technology Adviser/DSA Assessor at Heriot-Watt University said: “iReadWrite's primary functions are to read text back to you, using one of two available high quality voices, and check your spelling and grammar.

“Features I particularly liked are the fact the app does not need a Wi-Fi or mobile connection to work, the intuitive interface, the facility to listen as you type (this makes it really easy to hear your mistakes), the powerful word prediction feature, an excellent dictionary, and a reasonable choice of fonts, including Open Dyslexic.”

The PC version of the award-winning program is currently being used throughout the UK.  Priced at £19.99, this app will allow users to access this much needed assistive technology anytime, anywhere. The iReadWrite app can be downloaded from the App Store.

For information on the iReadWrite app please contact Texthelp on T: +44 (0)28 9442 8105, E: info@texthelp.com. Please click here to view the iReadWrite app YouTube video.

About Texthelp Systems Ltd

Texthelp Systems Ltd is the worldwide leader of literacy software solutions provided through three core business divisions: Education, Speech Services and Publishing. Texthelp has been developing assistive technology software for the learning disabled community since 1996. The aim has always been to provide the most comprehensive cutting-edge technology available to provide inclusive education.

Based in Antrim, N. Ireland and with offices in the US, Texthelp is currently experiencing a period of sustained year on year growth.  The company has a reseller network covering over 20 countries.

Texthelp has been a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award winning company for eleven years and won numerous product, innovation and marketing awards.