November 14, 2012; Philadelphia, PA | Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) has announced the release of Intimacy and Sexuality, the newest title in this national nonprofit’s library of Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer. It joins eighteen other LBBC publications designed specifically to address the needs of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

The Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality explains how breast cancer can affect a woman’s sexual desire and response, and offers ways to restore sexual drive and pleasure. In addition, it provides practical tips on talking with healthcare providers and partners as well as simple ways to improve sexual health and resume sexual relationships.

“This guide was developed because information about sex and intimacy after a breast cancer diagnosis is often not readily available or may be difficult to talk about for some women,” says LBBC’s CEO Jean A. Sachs, MSS, MLSP. “No matter what age, stage of diagnosis or relationship status, women have told LBBC that they want more information about ways to maintain and enhance sexual life after their diagnosis.”

LBBC’s newest title was developed over a nine month period by LBBC staff and ten of the country’s leading oncologists, psychologists, gynecologists and consumer advocates. Janine E. Guglielmino, MA, Director, Publications and Strategic Initiatives at LBBC, states that “the intent of this guide is to help women take action to maintain or improve sexual life and health after a breast cancer diagnosis” and to provide resources to help women address quality of life issues, including sex. Guglielmino continues that, in addition, “The guide was written to include the experiences of single and partnered people, women of all ages and people of all sexual orientations. All three issues were very important to us, since few existing materials address the sexual health needs of our diverse patient population.”

“The best way for women to face breast cancer is to obtain the resources necessary to make informed decisions that allow them to become advocates for their own health,” says Sachs.

The Guide to Understanding Intimacy and Sexuality is divided into five sections written in clear and easy-to-understand language. Individual copies of the guide are free and can be ordered online at or by calling (610) 645-4567. Larger quantities may also be ordered for a nominal shipping and handling fee.


For over 20 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has been providing educational resources and support services to women of all ages who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  LBBC helps improve the quality of life for these women by empowering them with the information they need to make the best and most informed decisions for themselves and their families. National conferences, monthly teleconferences, regional community meetings, the Guides to Understanding Breast Cancer and a toll-free Survivors’ Helpline are just a few examples of the services that are provided, always at little or no cost.

If someone you know has recently been diagnosed, is in treatment, recovery, years beyond their diagnosis or living with metastatic breast cancer, LBBC can help. For more information, visit, call (610) 645-4567 or download a free copy of Empower, LBBC’s general information brochure.


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Living Beyond Breast Cancer's mission is to empower all women affected by breast cancer to live as long as possible with the best quality of life. Whether newly diagnosed, in treatment, beyond treatment or living with advanced disease, LBBC supports these women, their families and their caregivers with educational programs and support services. LBBC's goal is to help women take an active role in their ongoing recovery and management of the disease, regardless of educational background, social support or financial means.

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