Launch of Livsdal One

After two years of development work together with a number of experts in indoor air quality, air purifiers, filter qualities, acoustics, aerodynamics, sound attenuation, Livsdal's air purifier One is now being launched.

Livsdal One is designed in collaboration with Stockholm based design studio MP12 and is a result of an explorative process of finding a natural place in homes and offices in an increasing need of air purification. The design works towards erasing the line between an appliance and furniture by its low-tech language and material focused approach. As a modern take on the iconic Swedish 19th century style of Karl Johan or Swedish Empire, Livsdal has a grand stature that resonates with the products unprecedented quality and performance level.

Gabor Palotai connects Livsdal's visual identity with giving Livsdal One's air intakes "unreadable patterns" and thus becomes a work of art in itself.

At Camfil Labs, filters are tested and tests are carried out to ensure the ambition to create the world's leading air purifier for consumer use, whether in offices, at home, in healthcare clinics or in schools. Livsdal One succeeds in combining particle filtration with molecular purification that no other air purifier has done so far.