Livsdal launches Livsdal Highline

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After an intensive development work, Livsdal has is now launching a completely new air purifier adapted especially for larger areas and areas with a lot of people who require large capacity of air cleaning but with a low noise level maintained. Livsdal Highline is designed to function in the most efficient way in, for example, auditoriums, office landscapes and classrooms. The exhaust air leaves the air purifier in two different directions at a height of 2 meters to give minimal draft to people and to be able to circulate the air above room dividers etc.

Livsdal Highline is designed in collaboration with Karl-Johan Hjerling at the Stockholm-based design studio MP12 and is available in two designs, one simpler in any lacquered design and one in walnut or other optional wood.

Livsdal Highline has just like Livsdal One and Livsdal Essential HEPA H13 particle filters that are tested and certified according to the CGMP standard and tested individually according to EN 1822 for air flow, resistance and efficiency and get a unique ID on the filter for traceability and carbon filters tested according to ISO 10121, the global test standard for molecular filters. The filters come from the world-leading, Swedish air filtration specialist Camfil.