Companies need to manage costs and maintain their culture through employment processes

PRESS RELEASE 15 April 2011 Companies need to manage costs and maintain their culture through employment processes With more redundancies resulting in costly tribunals, HR Consultancy Jaluch offers a cost effective solution to managing staff resources. The media continues to talk about economic recovery in the UK, but this is not fully supported by the fact that many companies are still cutting staff to save costs as the future is still looking uncertain for them. The press reports the highest levels of unemployment since 1994, and this figure continues to rise on a weekly basis across the country. With staffing issues and redundancies increasing, tribunals look set to rise as companies and employees look to protect themselves during this tough period. Jaluch spends quite a bit of time communicating with employment tribunals and these can be a minefield and often ‘chaotic’. As Helen Clarke, CEO at Jaluch explains: “The administration of employment tribunal cases often leaves a lot to be desired and as delays occur, costs can really start to mount up, particularly where a solicitor has been called upon to act in a case. The way we work at Jaluch is far more flexible than a solicitor, so we don’t charge 30 minutes of time for a 5 minute job. As a result, our costs can be ten times cheaper than those of a solicitor; we recently saw a Compromise Agreement that cost £5,000 from a solicitor, which Jaluch could have provided for just £500 - £600.” Jaluch has years of experience of working with clients on redundancies and tribunals and it still remains a difficult process for everyone involved. They know that part of the solution is for companies to move away from the impersonal approach that a lawyer might provide and work with an HR company, who are more likely to use plain English in their communications with staff, and more adaptable to fit in with a company’s brand. Clarke adds: “Many organisations are choosing to work with HR Consultancies as opposed to lawyers purely over the issue of costs. We know there are more cuts to come that are likely to deliver more redundancies and more tribunals. However, our experience of the process means we know it doesn’t have to be a destructive one. The government is in the process of consulting on the nature of the tribunal process, and in particular looking at ways to reduce the number of malicious tribunal claims. Currently, an employee can bring a costly case against their employer without incurring any costs themselves, whereas it costs a company time and resources to fight a claim. Alongside these new measures, we’d recommend that any company starting on the tribunal process should consider whether the cost and impact of a lawyer is really the right approach. We’ve found that being more open in our communications with staff and using plain English instead of bombarding them with “legalese” can make the process both smoother and less painful for everyone involved.” Ends Words: 480 Notes to Editors: About Jaluch Jaluch provide HR services and training and development solutions to organisations across all business sectors, throughout the UK and internationally. Jaluch offer a wide range of commercial HR solutions for every employer, from simple contract and handbook reviews, to larger scale HR management projects or advice on complex employment law issues. Similarly, our extensive range of training and development initiatives are always tailored to suit the culture and needs of your business. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional but down to earth approach and our commitment to always speaking in plain English. Jaluch have offices in London, Reading and Ringwood. For more information, please visit, or contact Colin Bridgman at Logical Creative Marketing on: 0845 345 69 69 or email: