New murphx ADSL2+ product gives competitive edge

Cost-effective transmission for video-conferencing and voice-over IP applications are among the benefits of the new ADSL2+ product from murphx Innovative Solutions, one of the leading wholesale connectivity solutions companies in the UK.

Designed to give companies a competitive edge in difficult economic times, the timely business boost offers download speeds of 16MB and an upload speed of 1MB with no usage limitations and at a cost that is un-matched by murphx’s competitors.

murphx Commercial Director Carl Churchill, explained: “ADSL2+ will also help our partners continue to take advantage of the growing convergence market. They will be able to clearly see the benefits of having these capabilities especially with the current renewed focus on expenditure.

“It is all about ensuring businesses are running as effectively and cost efficiently as they can. With the ability to use reliable forms of communication, such as video-conferencing, there is no need to spend so much time and money travelling. This frees up resources to work more profitably.”

Fully-tested with ten wholesale partners at over 50 beta sites, the positive feedback has paved the way for the launch. Carl Churchill added: “We are confident it meets all our customers’ criteria.”

He concluded: “This new ADSL2+ service offers affordable connectivity without compromising on quality.”

For further information regarding ADSL2+ please contact the murphx Channel Sales Team on 08700 349 100 Option 1, email or speak to your Account Manager.

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Notes to Editors:
About murphx

murphx Innovative Solutions Limited are a Tier 1 connectivity solutions company providing a range of services including wholesale broadband and dialup, virtual private networks, leased lines and IP transit to the resale channel. The company operates as an “enabler” providing the operational infrastructure used by our customers to embrace convergent technologies such as voice over IP and video conferencing.

murphx was formed in 2001. Since that time the company has built a national network and firmly established the business as a pioneer of innovative communications services with a consistent record of strong earnings growth.

The reliable and resilient infrastructure is the underlying strength of the murphx business. The ability to manage and control the entire network point to point ensures guaranteed service levels and dependability for customers, this, coupled with leading edge technology and a highly skilled team ensures murphx are firmly positioned as one of the few “real” European internet service providers.

The success of murphx is not just the result of an advanced network or unique portfolio of products and services but also an ongoing commitment to customer requirements. For years organisations have been forced to adopt solutions that were a near match to their requirements, this “next best” scenario is no more.