Loomis’ Annual General Meeting 2021

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Loomis AB today, on 6 May 2021, held its Annual General Meeting. Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, the Meeting was carried out through postal voting, without any physical attendance. The Meeting resolved in accordance with the Board’s and the Nomination Committee’s proposals.

Income statement and balance sheet and decision on dividend

The Meeting resolved to adopt the income statement and the balance sheet and the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet for the financial year 2020. Further, it was resolved on a dividend of SEK 6 per share and the record date was set to 10 May, 2021. The dividend is expected to be distributed by Euroclear Sweden AB on 14 May, 2021.

Board of Directors and auditor

The Board members and the CEO were discharged from liability for their administration during the financial year 2020.

Alf Göransson, Jeanette Almberg, Lars Blecko, Cecilia Daun Wennborg and Johan Lundberg were re-elected as Board members. Liv Forhaug was elected as a new Board member. Alf Göransson was re-elected as Chairman of the Board. Jan Svensson had declined re-election.

Fees to the Board members were set at SEK 3,875,000 in total (based on an unchanged number of committee members), to be distributed as follows: the Chairman of the Board SEK 1,050,000 and each of the other Board members SEK 445,000. In addition, fees for committee work with SEK 250,000 for the Chairman of the Audit Committee, SEK 100,000 for the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, SEK 100,000 for a member of the Audit Committee and SEK 50,000 for a member of the Remuneration Committee.

The Meeting re-elected the accounting firm Deloitte AB as the company’s auditor, with authorized public accountant Peter Ekberg as auditor in charge, for a period of one year. The Meeting further resolved that the auditor’s fees are to be paid as per agreement.

LTIP 2021

The Meeting resolved on the implementation of a new long-term incentive program for group management and certain key employees within the Loomis group (LTIP 2021), in total approx. 70 persons, also including hedging measures. The terms and conditions for the program entails, among other things, that the participants must invest in Loomis shares and that the outcome, in the form of so-called performance shares, is linked to the achievement of a fixed performance target relating to earnings per share.

Authorization for the Board to resolve on repurchase and transfer of own shares

The Meeting resolved to authorize the Board to resolve on repurchase and transfer of own shares with the purpose to enable the Board to continuously adapt the capital structure to the company’s capital requirements and to enable financing of acquisitions by using own shares.

Guidelines for remuneration to group management and report regarding compensation

The Meeting resolved on guidelines for remuneration for group management which materially corresponds to the guidelines adopted by the Annual General Meeting 2020, save for that the variable remuneration in relation to the fixed cash salary to the CEO and other individuals of group management is increased to 100 and 112 per cent, respectively (previously 85 and 100 per cent, respectively).

The Meeting approved the report regarding compensation.

Amendments of the articles of association

The Meeting resolved to amend the articles of association in order to allow for collection of proxies and that shareholders, if so decided by the Board, shall be able to exercise their voting rights by post before a General Meeting (also after the expiration of the current rules).

Minutes from the Meeting will be available on the company’s website, www.loomis.com.

This press release is also available on the company’s website.

6 May, 2021

Alf Göransson
Chairman of the Board

Contact: Carina Cederblad
+46 8 522 920 53

Loomis offers safe and effective comprehensive solutions for the distribution, handling, storage and recycling of cash and other valuables. Loomis customers are banks, merchants and other operators. Loomis operates through an international network of more than 400 branches in more than 20 countries. Loomis employs around 23,000 people and had revenue in 2020 of approximately SEK 18.8 billion. Loomis is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm Large-Cap list.