Digital receipts innovation enabled by Loyal Solutions

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Our client - Receipt Hero -  today announced a new innovative digital receipt solution developed in close cooperation between Receipt Hero, Mastercard and Loyal Solutions.

ReceiptHero will leverage both Mastercard and Loyal Solutions platforms for real-time transactions to be used as part of the digital receipt delivery process. Unlike an email or paper receipts, a truly digital receipt matches the structured purchase data automatically to the right transaction. 

ReceiptHero is here to support the shift to more sustainable and mindful consumption. It takes a new kind of heroism from both consumers and businesses. Above all it asks for bold solutions and powerful technology capabilities. We provide a safe space for consumers, merchants and banks to turn traditional transactions into meaningful interactions. 

"Digital receipts are not only an ecologically sustainable way, it saves a lot of physical posting and enables big opportunities for merchants and consumers to analyze their purchase data and to better understand their consumption behavior. This is a rally cry to merchants across Europe who haven’t started sending receipts to their customers digitally, now is the time to join the movement and let’s together stop the ecological disaster known as the paper receipt! "  - Joel Ojala, CEO - ReceiptHero

"We are proud to be able to enable a convenient and sustainable solution together with our partners Receipt Hero and Mastercard. This cooperation underscores the versatility of our SaaS platform LoyalTfacts, and the innovation beeing done in the Nordic FinTech landscape.
We look forward to adding additional clients to this exciting new solution " –
Peter Kisbye, CEO Loyal Solutions


Loyal Solutions was set up in 2009 with the sole purpose of disrupting the loyalty industry with new technology, new transparent concepts and a 100% focus on the end customer.
Loyal Solutions has quickly become a leading global provider of loyalty concepts, solutions, and technology for selected industries for select clients. Our proprietary technology and global private cloud solutions are state of the art and market leading. We also offer clients full outsourcing options, making implementation of a full program seamless and easy.
We have our HQ in Copenhagen and are currently represented in Stockholm, Palo Alto, Mumbai, Cairo, Dubai, Johannesburg, Melbourne, and Sydney.