FDM expands successful program

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FDM, The Danish Auto Association, has espanded its successful card linking solution for FDM fordele to also include Mastercard.

In February FDM launched a completely new user experience and technology for the FDM Fordele program, one of Denmark’s most successful loyalty programs. 

FDM introduced "link your payment card to FDM Fordele" in February 2021, making it even easier and more intuitive for FDM members to earn rebates across FDMs large portfolio of partners.  In the February launch, FDM offered members holding a Visa or a Visa-Dankort the option to link cards and this has proved very popular with FDM members and partner merchants.

On September 14th FDM expanded the program to also include Mastercard.

The technology behind the innovative program is Loyal Solutions LoyalTfacts platform, which supports card-linking globally on any payment scheme. Card linking is see by the majority of experts as the way forward for large loyalty program as you avoid the cost and complexity of issuing new cards or developing apps, and card linking provides by far the best user experience.
Loyal Solutions is a global leader in card linking technology, with large global clients within the Airline/Travel sector, FinTech and Malls & retail.

"We hope to be able to export the very successful FDM program solution and technology to other auto-associations across the globe, and FDMs innovative solution has already generated substantial attention and interest”, states Peter Kisbye, CEO and partner in Loyal Solutions .

Loyal Solutions was set up in 2009 with the sole purpose of disrupting the loyalty industry with new technology, new transparent concepts and a 100% focus on the end customer.
Loyal Solutions has quickly become a leading global provider of loyalty concepts, solutions, and technology for selected industries for select clients. Our proprietary technology and global private cloud solutions are state of the art and market leading. We also offer clients full outsourcing options, making implementation of a full program seamless and easy.
We have our HQ in Copenhagen and are currently represented in Stockholm, Palo Alto, Mumbai, Cairo, Dubai, Johannesburg, Melbourne, and Sydney.