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We do not have "Silicon Valley Garages" in inner Copenhagen, but we do have basements - and that was Loyal Solutions first "office". Thanks to an incredible team !!! and patient shareholders, we are now a listed company, ready to conquer the world.
A big thank you to all our employees, customers and shareholders -old and new - for enabling our journey.

This is the right way to start your morning: Champagne, canapés, confetti and a first trading day on Nasdaq First North Stockholm.
Enjoying this day with the fantastic team in Loyal Solutions was and is a privilege !! .
We may not be fully alert today and tomorrow due to the Champagne, but Monday we are back :) :)

Loyal Solutions was set up in 2009 with the sole purpose of disrupting the loyalty industry with new technology, new transparent concepts and a 100% focus on the end customer.
Loyal Solutions has quickly become a leading global provider of loyalty concepts, solutions, and technology for selected industries for select clients. Our proprietary technology and global private cloud solutions are state of the art and market leading. We also offer clients full outsourcing options, making implementation of a full program seamless and easy.
We have our HQ in Copenhagen and are currently represented in Stockholm, Palo Alto, Mumbai, Cairo, Dubai, Johannesburg, Melbourne, and Sydney.