The only joy the kids will ever need

Kranj – Slovenia 25.9.2015 - Lucky 3in1 is the first combination of wooden balance bike, trike and scooter in one bike. The beautiful toy is, therefore, a flexible combination of the most popular children's bike, which accompany them throughout their childhood. While maintaining the balance and bikes handling, the kids could learn with all versions the basic movements of motion, for the future successful riding the bike. The product  also solves the problem of accumulation of individual toys, storage space, price of the product and the long-term usefulness. The toy is wrapped in an amazing single package for children from 18 months to 4 years. It assembles three bikes, but it takes place and price as only one.

The benefits:

  • 3 different rides in 1
  • unique design
  • easy to combine parts
  • for children of different ages and heights
  • combination of wooden rim and inflatable rubber wheel for better comfort
  • seat with backrest for a correct posture and confidence
  • made of wood with moisture protection

The Lucky3in1 is a new  Slovenian innovation and is launching on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $15,000. The campaign is LIVE now on Kickstarter:

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The idea comes from experiences working with the children. »The mission is to give the kids as many movements as possible through game and joy with just a single toy,« says Matjaž Loc, the youth coach and the inventor of Lucky3in1.

Behind Lucky3in1 stands a young team who passionately wants to show the world the unique products made from eco-friendly materials.

Slovenia is one of the most forested country in Europe and is known for its quality wood products. The Lucky3in1 also continues a rich tradition of wooden innovations, bringing the view of the usefulness, quality, design and safety to another level.

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My mission is to give the kids as many movements as possible through game and joy with just a single toy
Matjaz Loc