Mag+ Launches Tablet Publishing Contest for Magazines, Music and Film, Comics, Books, Catalogues, and Creative Portfolios

“Magnify Your World” Offers Cash Prizes, iPads and Global Exposure to Influential Leaders in Six Creative Industries

London, UK – 8 March, 2012: The revolution will be digitised. Are you ready? Whether marketing a business, a book, a band, a magazine, even a movie or your own work, tablet publishing must be part of your promotional strategy in 2012. Today, Mag+, one of the world leaders in easy-to-use digital publishing platforms for touch screen tablets, motivates all creatives to engage with iPad and tablet publishing via its “Magnify Your World” contest. Contestants may win one or more of eight cash prizes, several iPads, exposure to industry luminaries in their respective fields and the possibility of being featured in a Mag+ international marketing campaign.

Entrants can submit their digital publishing passion projects in one of six creative categories to be eligible to win US$1,000* (£630)** plus the chance to capture an additional $5,000 (£3,000) as the Best-in-Show winner.

The public will also vote via social media for a Peoples’ Choice Winner, who will also win $1,000 (£630). Every month, a Mag+ “Pick of the Month” will be showcased in a brief video – and its creator will win an iPad. The open entry period lasts until June 1. An international jury of experts will choose the final winners. Winners will be announced June 20 and featured in an upcoming Mag+ marketing campaign.

The exposure to well connected industry leaders cannot be overlooked. The winner of Mag+’s last contest, New Zealander Natasha Mead, saw her entry MILK, a DIY fashion magazine exclusively for the iPad, secure her a job with Urbanity in the US.

“Mag+ understands how designers want to work, and using these tools has given me the opportunity to create relevant interactive content without ever compromising the aesthetic,” says Mead. “I love using InDesign with Mag+ and the ability to use these tools has given me a huge advantage in my career.”

The contest categories are as follows:

  • BEST IN SHOW $5,000 (£3,170): Chosen by a jury from the seven categories below
  •  BOOKS $1,000 (£630):Any type of book for the general public
  • BROCHURES & CATALOGUES $1,000 (£630): Created for corporate use including brochures, annual reports, catalogues, media kits
  • COMIC BOOKS $1,000 (£630): Graphic novels, comic books
  • EDITORIAL $1,000 (£630): Magazines, newsletters, newspapers, blogs, online magazines
  • MUSIC & MOVIE $1,000 (£630): Bands, filmmakers, DJs, theatres, venues, albums, documentaries
  • SELF-PROMOTION $1,000 (£630): Promotion of services, experience or portfolio for students, designers, photographers, writers, PR/ad/interactive/design firms, law firms, etc
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE $1,000 (£630): (Note: NOT NECESSARY TO WIN): Social category in which the winner will be chosen through public voting

More information here: Magnify Your World.

For more information please contact Nancy Prendergast or Lise Colyer on 020 7243 4440,;

*$ amounts in USD throughout.

**GBP values are approximate and subject to GBP/USD currency fluctuations.

About Mag+

Mag+ ( is the most flexible and efficient platform for publishing creative content on touch screen tablets. Mag+ premiered on the first iPads in April 2010 with
the award winning Popular Science+ application and now supports more than 100 apps, including those from Outside, IKEA and Maxim. With its streamlined production system, powerful backend and feature-rich design framework, Mag+ is ideal for anyone — from magazine and book publishers to catalogue marketers and design agencies — wanting to bring beautiful, immersive content to the millions using this new generation of digital devices.

More about Mag+ for designers

Mag+’s simple InDesign-based magazine software puts full creative control in the hands of the designers, not the tech guys. Video, HTML5 elements and other interactive features are added directly in InDesign. Mag+ is the only digital publishing platform to offer instant fully functional layout review on the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, which lets designers try new things and see immediately what the user experience will be. Mag+ offers a flexible and cost-efficient solution for getting your publication live on tablets: Free tools and a fully branded, feature-rich reader app. You only start to pay when you publish and can choose a monthly subscription or per-issue model. You can then go ahead and publish, using the powerful web-based backend to manage your users, issues and analytics. The magazine software’s built-in features include analytics from Omniture, Localytics or Flurry; in-app subscriptions; and Tapjoy, Admob and Appirator integration.