Mag+ Offers More Choice for Publishers and Readers with Support for Apple Newsstand and Subscription Integration

London, UK (September 19, 2011) – Mag+ announces today the release of two new opportunities for publishers: the integration of digital subscription management and support for Apple’s upcoming iOS5, featuring Newsstand.

Mag+ is the flexible, accessible, and affordable platform for publishers of all sizes to create immersive content tailored for touchscreen tablets. It is the flagship product of Moving Media+, which has already taken dozens of magazines and other publications on to the iPad. Moving Media+ CEO Staffan Ekholm says, “These features are great news for publishers and readers, as the evolution of tablet publishing continues apace.”

“The Mag+ subscription API really opens up the options for publishers – giving them the maximum possible control over how they market and sell their magazines on tablets and allowing them to manage their customer relationships across all platforms. In turn, customers will benefit from a seamless experience as they find and read their favorite magazines – whether in print or on their tablet.”

“Newsstand also makes it easier for customers to source and manage their favorite periodicals. And it helps publishers make their titles easy to find in the Apple ecosystem.”

The Mag+ Subscription API

Publishers will be able to integrate Mag+ publications into their existing subscription provider, allowing them to control which issues users are entitled to. This is done through an API that lets the Mag+ system talk to the subscription provider’s system, tying in non-iTunes subscriptions.

This enables publishers to sell digital subscriptions over their own websites, keeping 100% of the revenue. If readers buy a subscription on the website, they will also be able to redeem it in the app. Publishers will be able to sell print and digital bundles on their websites; give print subscribers free access to digital editions; and offer special promotions, such as sending an email to a certain list with a code entitling them to a free issue.

iOS5 Newsstand

Like an iBookstore for magazines and newspapers, Newsstand will become available on the iPad with the launch of the iOS5 upgrade, currently scheduled for this fall. It will provide a single hub for all of the publications that readers subscribe to, and a shop for the periodicals that offer subscriptions.

Mag+ welcomes Newsstand on behalf of its publishers, as the feature is expected to make it much easier for customers to find their apps. Newsstand-optimized apps offer advantages over regular apps, beyond their presence in the Newsstand store. Readers will be able to view the most recently updated magazine covers, and new issues will download automatically to their iPads.



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About Moving Media+ and Mag+

Mag+ ( is the most flexible and efficient platform for publishing creative content on touch screen tablets. Mag+ premiered on the first iPads in April 2010 with the award winning Popular Science+. It supports dozens of titles in the Apple Newsstand and now has titles on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, too. ‘One push’ takes tablet magazines to Google Android and Apple iOS. With its streamlined production system, powerful backend and feature-rich app framework, Mag+ is ideal for anyone — from magazine and book publishers to catalogue marketers and design agencies — wanting to bring beautiful, immersive content to the millions using this new generation of digital devices. Built by the R&D task force of global publishing powerhouse Bonnier Magazine Group, Mag+ was spun out as an independent company, Moving Media+, in 2011.

More about Mag+ for designers:

Mag+’s simple InDesign-based workflow puts full creative control in the hands of the designers, not the tech guys. Video, HTML5 elements and other interactive features are added directly in InDesign. Mag+ is the only system that offers instant fully functional layout review on the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, which lets designers try new things and see immediately what the user experience will be. Mag+ offers a flexible and cost efficient solution for getting your publication live on tablets: free tools and a fully branded, feature-rich reader app. You only start to pay when you publish and can choose a monthly subscription or per-issue model. You can then go ahead and publish, using the powerful web-based backend to manage your users, issues and analytics. The platform’s built-in features include analytics from Omniture, Localytics or Flurry; in-app subscriptions; and Tapjoy, Admob and Appirator integration.

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