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  • CapGemini and Nasdaq debutant MapsPeople enter a strategic partnership to offer digital wayfinding in the healthcare industry

CapGemini and Nasdaq debutant MapsPeople enter a strategic partnership to offer digital wayfinding in the healthcare industry

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As new partners, Capgemini Denmark and MapsPeople will from now on safely guide patients on Danish hospitals to their scheduled appointments. It is a strategically important alliance for MapsPeople, states MapsPeople CEO, Michael Gram. Region Nord is the first to integrate digital and indoor wayfinding into a patient application, MineAftaler (My Appointments), which will help patients navigate, for instance, Aalborg’s new large hospital, Nyt Aalborg Universitetshospital.

MapsPeople A/S | Press Release 

Aalborg, June 9 2021

As a new strategic alliance, MapsPeople partners with Capgemini Denmark to integrate indoor wayfinding as a new service to patients in Danish hospitals. The first step on the road of the alliance between North Jutland specialist in digital maps and Capgemini’s Danish branch is the launch of indoor wayfinding in the patient application, MineAftaler, which will become accessible to approximately 600,000 citizens in Region North Jutland.
MapsPeople CEO, Michael Gram, sees great potential in the Danish collaboration which also will be able to bring the company’s technology into play when it comes to Capgemini’s global clients across multiple industries. 

“From a Danish perspective it is very promising that we can now deliver a unique solution to the healthcare industry. But as already known, Capgemini delivers industry specific solutions to all parts of the society - not just in Denmark, but also globally where we as well put a lot of our business focus. In that sense, the alliance with Capgemini has a lot of strategic benefits for us. Now we have shown that we can deliver innovative solutions here in Denmark and of course, we would like to do the same for other industries,” he explains.

Indoor wayfinding expands the Google Maps navigation experience to also work indoors. MapsPeople converts architects’ AutoCAD drawings into digital maps and thus adds a new dimension to Google Maps in which buildings’ entrances, staircases, elevators, and rooms are precisely indicated and where users are navigated from A to B via a blue, moving dot. 

In the solution for Capgemini’s MineAftaler application, which today is already used by patients in West Denmark, wayfinding is integrated along with the application’s other available features. This way, each patient gets their own personal overview of their course of treatments and appointments.

“With wayfinding integrated into the MineAftaler app, we bring an entirely new technology into play in the healthcare industry and for the patients. Asides from using indoor wayfinding to help staff reduce the time they spend guiding visitors around, patients get a new helpful tool in their busy daily lives and in the often unfamiliar situation it is to visit a hospital. From a big picture perspective, the technology will also enhance the overall patient experience in the new large hospitals that are currently being built all over the country. In these new hospitals, it will be a challenge to guide patients to their appointments - and on time,” explains Annette Spicker, Engagement Director at Capgemini Denmark.

She further explains that the cooperation with MapsPeople started with a request to Capgemini’s global innovation network because the Danish branch was searching for a partner within indoor navigation for a specific Danish client. 

“Through the network, our colleagues in Hong Kong came back to us with the amazing news that the best in the world within the field, well, they were located just 100 km north of us here in Denmark,” she adds.
Capgemini communicates with all Danish regions about the new opportunity to better guide patients. The joint solution will also be ready as a shelf product under SKI by early June.

MapsPeople already deliver integrated solutions to clients all over the world. Among these are indoor navigation integrations to applications in shopping malls, universities such as Aalborg University, University of Southern Denmark, and Aarhus University as well as employee applications in one of the largest international banks and in big American stadiums housing Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Vikings.


For more information, please contact:

Annette Spicker, Engagement Director, Capgemini, +45 52189042

Michael Gram, CEO, MapsPeople, +45 53740900


About Capgemini Group:

Capgemini is a leading global technology and advisor partner. In Denmark, Capgemini has more than 300 employees that assist clients with advice, strategy and technology development as well as efficient IT operations. Globally the Capgemini group 


About MapsPeople:

MapsPeople is a world-leading provider of mapping and navigation. The company specializes in developing and implementing the dynamic mapping platform, MapsIndoors, that allows people to effortlessly navigate large and complex buildings. Additionally, the platform allows venues to easily manage their spaces and visualize room occupancy, asset tracking, and more. MapsPeople has a presence in 40 different countries and works with industry leaders in a number of verticals.

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