B2B Businesses Won’t Survive 2019 without Adopting AI

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In a new in-depth guide published by Market Inspector, it is revealed that companies will lose 65% of business buyers if customer interaction is not personalised. But, if companies implement AI, their automation strategy will be more human, and deliver relevant messages to meet customer’s needs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is growing fast, with AI market revenue expecting to reach £69.25 billion by 2025.  And, with its powerful capability to imitate the human mind, AI has been integrated in marketing automation as well, as an attempt to maximise engagement and offer dynamic, one-to-one touchpoints with ease.

Statistics indicate that the AI advancement in marketing automation is anticipated to reach £11.8 billion in revenue by the end of 2019.

5 Ways AI Can Enhance Your B2B Marketing Automation Strategy

Improving Business Conversion Rates

By assisting your business in answering the most important questions about their target audiences, AI can help with segmentation. In other words, you gain actual customer insights, which allows you to easily tailor your offers to meet customer’s demand, and as a result, guaranteeing a higher conversion rate.

Selecting the Potential Leads

By using AI, you can easily divide the leads into groups, while categorising which groups have higher potential to convert. Furthermore, AI also helps nurturing leads, by delivering recommendations for further actions suitable to a specific lead.

Generating Content Efficiently

With ease, AI can generate creative content that is most appropriate to your target audience’s interests, using multiple data inputs and Natural Language Generation (NLG) technologies.

Identifying the Relevant Visual Content

AI grants marketers the ability to get the most relevant visual elements based on your brand’s value, detect inappropriate content, while coinciding with the marketing messages you want to deliver.

Optimising the User Experience (UX)

More impressive yet, AI will help you to predict your user’s wants and needs throughout their path to purchase, and deliver intuitive and intelligent messages across channels, in a timely manner, attempting to solve all their problems before they even notice.

If you want to gain more insights about marketing automation, AI and how to use AI to elevate your B2B marketing automation strategy, you can find the guide here.

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