The Top 10 Coffee Blogs to Follow in 2019

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Another year has passed and Market Inspector published 2019’s Best Coffee Blogs award which honours bloggers committed to writing about coffee and related news, reviews, and much more. All of these blogs did an excellent job at providing their readers with one-of-a-kind, quality content about coffee.

Best Coffee Blogs to Follow 2019

Perfect Daily Grind came in first, a blog whose team does not only provide outstanding content but they also feature coffee events and even organise their own events. The silver medal goes to Coffee Review, a blog featuring highly educational, astonishingly well-written articles. The third place was earned by Kicking Horse Coffee, a blog dedicated to publishing fun-to-read articles and coffee brewing recipes.

Perfect Daily Grind: Winner with a Total Score of 526.8 out of 600

Perfect Daily Grind secured the number one spot on our list with a total score of 526.8. The blog showed consistent results in almost all metrics evaluated. Additionally, the articles were easy to read and filled with plenty of information for readers, from the savvy to amateurs.

Coffee Review ranked second with a score of 489.4 and with a readability score actually higher than the winner’s. Kicking Horse Coffee received a final score of 483.9, close to the silver medal holder. As they are the most popular on Facebook and they also have the easiest-to-read articles, they got a well-deserved third place.

6 Quantitative Metrics: How the Evaluation Was Done

As all blogs stood out in their very own way, the selection process turned out to be rather difficult. That is why, in order to judge the nominees in a meaningful way, we evaluated them based on a combination of objective metrics.

The study assessed the following factors: user experience, readability, visual content, uniqueness of the content, mobile friendliness, and social media popularity. Third-party tools were used for measuring multiple metrics to stay as impartial as possible.

If you would like to see the full list of the top 10 blogs or would like additional insights into the selection process, you can read more about the study in Market Inspector’s recent publication.

We would like to thank all nominees for their hard work and inspiring content they publish day by day, and we look forward to including them in next year’s top 10 list!

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