National Boiler Service Offers Advanced Welding School

Georgia-based industrial boiler service company provides advanced welding training and certification to local and regional workforce.

(TRENTON, Ga.) DATE— National Boiler, Inc. (NBS) recently completed the 4th annual Advanced Welding School on Thursday, October 6, 2011 at their on-site fabrication and code vessel facility.

In response to a reduction in skilled workforce over the last 4-5 years, NBS developed the advanced welding curriculum to train qualified people capable of managing full-scale, industrial boiler projects. 

"We provide a more advanced process than the typical welding school," said Steve Harville, Corporate Quality Control Manager at NBS. "We're getting these guys ready for typical job situations by simulating boiler environments and teaching them to weld on equipment we deal with in the field."

As a specialized welding program offering advanced training and certification, the course runs approximately 8-12 weeks and can accommodate up to 16 students. Training is conducted on-site with NBS personnel, providing an actual industrial welding environment for students to test and advance their skills. 

“More than just welding, our curriculum is devoted to training skilled boiler maker hands,” said David Duplissey, National Boiler President and Chief Executive Officer. “It’s a direct way to impact the regional economy and provide our field superintendents with qualified assets from job start to finish.”

Prospective students must be qualified Structural Welders (Stick Welder) proficient with the SMAW process in all positions. There are multiple certifications required to graduate, and the students must become proficient with specific welding techniques -including TIG Welding (all positions on plate), TIG & Stick combination, Tube End preparation and more. All final certifications and testing are conducted according to ASME Section IX standards.

“I’ve heard about the school for a few years, mostly through word of mouth,” said Charles Watson, a local craftsmen and student at the NBS Welding School. “They’re teaching us how to do tube welding, boiler work and advanced arc welding techniques that will definitely help in the long run.”

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About National Boiler

Established in 1989 with a focus on safe, quality production, NBS is the boiler shutdown contractor of choice for power producing plants throughout North America. NBS averages 120 outages and 800,000 project hours annually, devoting more than 300 years of combined experience to servicing and installing industrial boilers and essential equipment. Licensed to operate in 39 states, National Boiler Service has the experience and a professional and capable workforce database of more than 10,000 to complete jobs safely, on time and with top-notch quality.


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