Nordic Broadband Operator Arrowhead Chooses Marratech's E-Meeting Solution

Yet another multi-million SEK order for Marratech: Nordic Broadband Operator Arrowhead Chooses Marratech's E-Meeting Solution [Stockholm, Sweden, November 8, 2001.] Swedish software company Marratech has received its second large order in the last few weeks, this time from leading Nordic broadband operator Arrowhead. Marratech will supply its e-meeting services to Arrowhead's business customers. Marratech develops and markets software for e-meetings, i.e. web based meetings and interactive work solutions in 'virtual offices'. According to the newly signed agreement, Arrowhead will offer Marratech's e-meeting services to companies in Sweden. Marratech will supply the necessary software, Marratech E-Meeting Portal and Marratech Pro, while Arrowhead will create the availability for e-meetings through its powerful net and data center infrastructure. E-meeting services will be offered to Arrowhead's customers with immediate effect. Arrowhead is one of the largest new broadband operators in Sweden, in business since 1986 and with approx. 250 employees in Sweden. Arrowhead is part of the Vattenfall Group. The exact order value may not be disclosed but is in the region of several million SEK which makes it Marratech's second large order so far in the company's three-year history. A few weeks ago, Marratech received an order worth 5,5 MSEK from Swedish broadband operator Utfors. The partnership between Marratech and Arrowhead enables the broadband customers to work in a truly interactive communication environment, which enables real-time group communication through the use of audio, video, a shared whiteboard for joint documents and various presentation material. Marratech's solutions are highly secure. "Internet-based e-meetings can lead to enormous savings in travel costs and work time for many companies; we use Marratech's e-meeting solution to achieve increased efficiency and reduced travel costs", says Ante Jämtlid, Business Developer at Arrowhead. About Marratech: Marratech AB is a Swedish-based software company that develops and markets solutions for e-meetings, i.e. software that enables distance meetings, projects and interactive work over the internet. The company's business idea is "to help people meet and work together regardless of geographical location" in 'virtual offices', and to thereby save its customers valuable travel time and costs as well as work time. Marratech launched its first products for e-meetings in 1998. Its flagship product Marratech Pro can be installed on the computers of every meeting participant (including a headset and a small web camera) and subsequently be used to let all participants join the meeting or project either actively or passively from their respective work station. Texts and images can be visualized via the computer in an interactive manner. Marratech's solutions are platform independent and highly secure. Marratech is based on research which started in 1995 at the Luleå University of Technology in northern Sweden. The company has its headquarters in "Mobile Valley" in Kista outside Stockholm and carries out research and development in Luleå. Marratech has several major international corporations in its customer base, e.g. Ericsson, SEB and FMV, and also broadband operators Utfors and Arrowhead. Marratech is owned by venture capital firms Slottsbacken and Emano, the founders and the employees. Marratech holds the "2001 European IST Prize" for Marratech Pro, awarded by the European Union. About Arrowhead: Arrowhead is one of the largest new broadband operators in Sweden. Our business philosophy is to supply high quality broadband solutions and advanced consultancy services to companies in Sweden. We have been in business since 1986 and now have approx. 250 employees all over Sweden. Arrowhead is part of the Vattenfall Group, see For further information please contact: Petri Markkanen, CEO Marratech AB Ph: +46 70 - 657 00 25 E-mail: Also visit our web site: Anna Lihr, Information Manager Arrowhead AB Ph: +46 70 - 893 33 52 Ante Jämtlid, Business Developer Arrowhead AB Ph: +46 70 - 680 27 62 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download: