Martela, a specialist in workplaces and learning environments, makes a prominent appearance this year in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair  on 9th – 13th February.  The fair is the biggest event in the world specializing in Scandinavian design. In the Martela booth you can find a presentation of a large variety of Martela services as well as the furniture novelties for the spring 2016.  

”There have been more and more home-like features in the working environments for a few years already and there is no end in sight for the trend. Martela’s products are designed primarily for office use but people interested in interior design generally have shown a great interest towards our furniture solutions”, Martela’s Marketing and Responsibility Director Minna Andersson says.

The fair visitors get a sneak preview of some spring novelties, like the light and easy Scoop table designed by Iiro Viljanen. The easy to move, informal by nature Scoop with clear Scandinavian design language is very versatile. The table comes in two different heights and six different table top options.

”Scoop fits well in areas meant for informal meetings. It can act as a coffee table or any kind of side table”, Viljanen explains.

The Sola and  Nooa series designed by Antti Kotilainen are also good examples of cosy furniture. There has also been a lot of interest towards the new soundproof Framery Q  workspace for two to be launched at the fair.

Individual furniture solutions account for only a small part of the needs of businesses. Martela’s offering for the entire workplace lifecycle inspires it’s users and improves productivity. It all starts with a user centric workplace need specification. Martela’s offering focuses on the four areas of activity in the workplace: Collaboration, Concentration, Communication and Chill Out each supporting different types of working activities.

”Fair visitors get to experience all four areas of activity in the Martela booth. They’ll see how the areas fuel the knowledge workers’ creativity instead of creating unnecessary barriers between functions in the organizations. A good working environment attracts us into the office and at its best, makes us think ”Thank god it’s Monday” when the work week starts”, Andersson says with a smile.  

See you at the fair!

Martela can be found at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair on booth A31:18. You are warmly welcome!

Additional information:
Minna Andersson, Marketing and Responsibility Director, Martela Oyj, +358 40 087 8101,

Martela is one of the Nordic leaders specializing in user centric working environments. A passion to offer the best workplaces has been guiding the company for seventy years. With our innovative products, services and solutions we help our customers to improve their employee wellbeing while at the same time increasing the space use efficiency in workplaces, schools and welfare environments. In 2015, Martela Group’s turnover was EUR 132.8 million and it employed an average of 622 employees.




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