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 “IF I BELIEVE” Download Marathon Begins August 2010

New York, NY (August 2, 2010) - If you have not heard of Rachel Millman - you probably will sooner or later. With dozens of outstanding reviews, interviews and feature stories online and in print and sold-out NYC live performances, Millman is making her way to the top of the heap in the indie artist arena.

Since the release of Millman’s artfully crafted pop record IF I BELIEVE last September, she has been moving up the indie ladder – which is not an easy feat, considering today’s saturation of the market. Millman has also been clicking with new audiences and that’s good news for this Springfield, New Jersey native who is capturing music lovers and media attention alike.

Beginning August 2nd through August 31st, Millman (along with her record labels KeyMedia Group and Gila Enterprises) will be giving away a free download of the title track from her EP “IF I BELIEVE” as a thank you to fans and supporters, for all their help and encouragement.  The free download is on the heels of Millman’s latest special appearance at one of the country’s top university stadiums. 

This weekend, Millman performed at the pre-opening and opening ceremonies for the prestigious 2010 Maccabi Games in Richmond, Virginia – where she entertained teen athletes, sponsors and guests from the US, Canada and Israel at this international athletic competition. Millman set included songs from IF I BELIEVE, as well the performance of three national anthems Oh Canada, Hatikva and Star Spangled Banner.

Millman is also playing many of the prestigious NYC venues, where she’s quickly becoming sought after.  Her show at New York City’s Sullivan Hall in June went so well that she has been invited back for a return performance on September 30th. Additionally, she will also be appearing at The Gershwin Hotel in New York City on Thursday, August 19th at 9 p.m., followed by an appearance September 10th at The Bitter End.

Millman, petite in size, with a calm yet spirited stage persona, has been described as a powerhouse vocalist singing hybrid power pop rock songs with outstanding hooks.  On stage, she is engaging and genuine, with just the right mix of confidence and coyness.

Rachel Millman’s If I Believe features songwriting from veteran songwriters and musicians with performances from the band Ready In 10, The Section Quartet, Brian Reeves, Michelle Mangione and DD JacksonThrowin’ Rocks at the Moon and the other songs on the EP were written by songwriters that have written for and/or worked with KE$HA, Marie Digby and the Jonas Brothers.

For more information about the free download of IF I BELIEVE and for photos, reviews and music, please visit www.RachelMillman.com.

About Rachel Millman:

A talented, engaging and charismatic up-and-coming indie pop artist, Rachel Millman is being touted as a fresh and exciting new interpreter of songs, a songwriter's muse, and an artist on the rise!   A native of New Jersey, Millman grew up singing in chorus and performing in school musicals as far back as she can remember. With a college degree in communications from Penn State under her belt, after graduation in 2008 Millman decided to turn her energy and focus back on her career as singer. With various opportunities singing on regional TV and radio commercials, and with the help of several music industry veterans, she launched her own label Gila Enterprises, LLC and teamed up with KeyMedia Group to release her critically acclaimed debut EP “IF I BELIEVE”.

Millman also recently joined a long list of music luminaries performing for Musicians on Call, a non-profit organization dedicated to healing patients through live and recorded music. Her love of children and her love of singing are greatly enhanced by this new association. 

For more information on Rachel Millman, please contact:

Denise Marsa, KeyMedia Public Relations (212) 243-4893, info@keymediapublicrelations.com or

Inna Shamis, AvantGarde Communications Group - inna@agcomgroup.com / (732) 385-1714