Meri Media appoints MAY Concepts

Creative agency Meri Media has appointed MAY Concepts to handle their international press and public relations. 

About Meri Media 

Meri Media is a creative agency with an innovative approach to contemporary media communication; offering a fully integrated range of services across Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial and Digital for the worlds of luxury, fashion and technology. 

Their wide range of expertise covers film, print, online, mobile and in-store experiences, creating unified brand messages to truly engage customers in today’s fragmented landscape. 

Clients Include: Gucci, Balmain, Hermès, Purple Magazine, Dunhill, Dior, Diesel, Stella McCartney, POSTmatter, Paco Rabanne, Comme des Garçons, Salvatore Ferragamo.

Managing Director: Grace Chang Tellier

Creative Director: Benjamin Grillon 

Featured images taken from 'Le Monde d’Hermès' magazine - Art Direction by: Benjamin Grillon (Meri Media), Photography by: Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Styling by: Jodie Barnes 


About Us

At MAY, we hold the value of quality incredibly close to our heart. We believe good design is to be celebrated and we aim to build relationships with clients that feel the same. A French-English bilingual agency with the international network to match, we primarily focus on fashion, design, media and lifestyle - specialising in producing tailored pieces of work that are tonally and aesthetically consistent across multiple channels. Brand Partners include: . Fashion . Julian Zigerli (, Orange Culture (, De Gris (, Xu Zhi (, Michiko Koshino ( . Design & Lifestyle . Monologue London (, Klaus Haapaniemi & Co. (, Design Prize Switzerland (, Long and Waterson (, Matteo Cibic (