MOBILAB Launch Their Third DESIGN SERIES with the ‘Lignes d’Ombres’ Exhibition

Design Edition Gallery MOBILAB share their third DESIGN SERIES as part of the ‘Lignes d’Ombres’ exhibition in Switzerland - featuring work by photographer Daniela Droz & design duo Thevoz-Choquet.

Running from the 28th April - 11th June, at the MOBILAB gallery space, Rue du Simplon 35, 1006 Lausanne

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An exploration of light and geometric illusion.

Continuing their philosophy of ‘bridging the gap between art, collectable editions and function’, MOBILAB share their third DESIGN SERIES - consisting of signature pieces of design by pioneers from various disciplines. This has been manifested into two unique series, presented in the same space to compliment each other; the ‘NOVA’ lamps by design duo Thevoz-Choquet and ‘APOPHENIE’, a metal framed mirror sculpture by photographer Daniela Droz.

Like the collaborations before, these pieces were created with the intention of fusing the worlds of art and design, as well as fuel the human fascination with beauty and function. With light, sculpture and illusion side by side, ‘Lignes d’Ombres’ is an experience that invites the viewer to explore the possibilities of interaction with design in an unconventional way.

A seasoned photographer by trade, Daniela Droz’s creative source of inspiration lies with clean geometric lines and structures. As well as a substantial body of commissioned work, Droz has been recognised for her 2010 project ‘Back-Grounds’, a series of pictures focusing on ‘empty’ still-life sets. Although no stranger to experimentation with mirrors, plastics and light effects, often creating her own sets, ‘APOPHENIE’ is Daniela’s first venture into a commissioned piece of sculpture design. A metal and mirror structure which can be positioned on any one of its sides to achieve a different aesthetic outcome, ‘APOPHENIE’ is not only an object of optical intrigue, but a scientific visual experiment - creating both beauty and inspiring curiosity. To accompany the structure, Droz has also shot a series of images to showcase the capabilities of the piece - which will also be displayed during the exhibition run.

'APOPHENIE' by Daniela Droz

Both graduates of the prestigious ECAL in Switzerland, Thevoz-Choquet (Virgile Thévoz & Josephine Choquet) work to the mantra of contemporary thinking with a rational approach of product industrialisation and communication. The design duo chose the iconic Carrera marble as the basis of the ‘NOVA’ series - a collection of various sphere cut stone structures that house opalescent tubes of different sizes, together providing playful yet reassuringly solid objects of light. Created with the expertise of Italian manufacturer and marble experts Bloc Studios, the complex machining underlines the purity of the design, almost as if it were a stroke of luck. Ultimately, the goal of Thevoz-Choquet was to ensure each NOVA lamp is a unique piece in its own right - which with the natural colouring of the marble along with the uniqueness of the objects themselves has been guaranteed.

A piece from the 'NOVA' series by Thevoz-Choquet

Collaborations, curation and commitment to the worlds of art & design.

Born from the idea of bridging the gap between art, collectable editions, and functional pieces of design, Mobilab is best described as a ‘design edition gallery’, building relationships with designers, artists and craftsmen to provide truly unique series of work. In initiating and editing copyrighted design projects, they endeavour to create singular stories that go beyond all industrial production constraints. As a result of this, by collaborating with selected designers on realisations that centre around a set theme, Mobilab is able to offer limited edition collections that resonate with the desires of every creative eye. It is this commitment to limited editions that positions Mobilab projects in the interests of both art collectors and functional design enthusiasts alike, making each object become the receptacle of an individual memory for the viewer.

The MOBILAB gallery space in Lausanne, Switzerland  

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