Salvatore Ferragamo 2015 'Gift Generator' Campaign by creative agency Meri

London-based creative agency Meri announces the release of their 'Gift Generator' campaign for Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo. 

View the short films here:

View the microsite here: 

The 'Gift Generator' Campaign  

Meri worked on the concept, art direction and execution of the 2015 Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Gift Generator’ campaign; including a series of 6 short films, a microsite and a printed catalogue - all shot by MAP photographer, David Hughes. 

The agency developed the equilibrium concept; a state of precarious balance between objects, inspired by Erwin Wurm’s ‘One Minute Sculptures’ and achieved with the help of New York-based set designer, Andy Harman.

This theme then continues through to the art direction and colour palette with the use of geometrical shapes - recalling the constructivism movement whist using raw materials such a wood, felt and concrete to bring a contemporary twist. 

Finally, the campaign is completed with a provocative but lightly humorous tone of voice. Used on the microsite, the original lines of self assured copy read: ‘For the Proud Minimalist’, ‘For the Hopeless Romantic’, ‘For the Eternal Unsatisfied’ - a welcome change from the usual festive clichés. 

All of this together showcases the iconic Ferragamo name with a reassuringly familiar, but refreshingly modern seasonal campaign.  


Photography: David Hughes  at MAP

Set Design: Andy Harman at Lalaland 

Production: Matter (

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Meri (

(Creative Director: Benjamin Grillon, Art Director: Aurélie Michaud)

About Meri

Meri is a creative agency with an innovative approach to contemporary media communication; offering a fully integrated range of services across Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial and Digital for the worlds of luxury, fashion and technology. 

Their wide range of expertise covers film, print, online, mobile and in-store experiences, creating unified brand messages to truly engage customers in today’s fragmented landscape. 

Clients Include: Gucci, Balmain, Hermès, Purple Magazine, Dunhill, Dior, Diesel, Stella McCartney, POSTmatter, Paco Rabanne, Comme des Garçons, Salvatore Ferragamo.


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