Leading caries researchers publish important conclusions about Carisolv

Leading caries researchers publish important conclusions about Carisolv In the latest issue of the British Dental Journal, distinguished British caries researchers compare different caries treatment methods. They come to the conclusion that Carisolv is the only effective method for treating dentinal caries which also protects healthy tissue. The British researchers A Banerjee, TF Watson and EAM Kidd published their conclusions on 13 May 2000 in vol. 188 no 9 of the British Dental Journal. Nine different methods for caries removal were compared. The discussion focused on the ability of these methods to remove enamel and healthy and carious dentine. The researchers' conclusion is that the drill removes all tissue, but that it unfortunately also removes healthy tissue just as effectively as damaged tissue. Carisolv is the only method of the nine which removes carious dentine just as effectively as drilling. Carisolv is also the only truly selective method; in other words, it effectively removes carious tissue but saves healthy tissue. As far as MediTeam is concerned, it is very important that researchers come to this conclusion in an independent report, as modern odontology prioritises the development of tissue-preserving treatment methods. The authors also state that the drill is still needed in some cases to access the carious lesion when using Carisolv. If Carisolv is to be an alternative for other cases of caries, in addition to the current main indications, the method needs to be faster, according to the authors. In its future development of Carisolv, MediTeam will be focusing first and foremost on treatment times. Over the next few years, additional new products and features will be introduced and will result in a significant reduction in treatment times. For further information: Irene Herrmann, manager, clinical research.on phone. +4631 336 91 05, mobile. +46 708-93 66 13. Claes Holmberg, managing director, on phone +46 31 336 91 01, mobile +46 708 25 45 47 Annette Ravenshorst, head of PR, on phone +46 31 336 91 21, mobile +46 709 72 62 86 MediTeam is a Swedish research-oriented dental company which develops and markets Carisolv - a tissue-preserving method for removing caries with a minimum of trauma and pain for the patient. www.mediteam.com Medi Team Dentalutveckling i Göteborg AB (publ) Göteborgsvägen 74, SE-433 63 Sävedalen, Sweden. Phone: +46 31 336 91 00. Fax: +46 31 336 91 91. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit http://www.bit.se for further information The following files are available for download: http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/06/08/20000608BIT00150/bit0001.doc http://www.bit.se/bitonline/2000/06/08/20000608BIT00150/bit0002.pdf