Revenue trends following release of Covid-19 restrictions

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Medicover AB (publ) is issuing an update on revenue trends through May 2020 due to the impact upon the Group of the Covid-19 pandemic and inform about amendment of debt covenants

As previously communicated revenue has been impacted through April as a result of the Covid-19 actions taken by governments in restricting population movement and health services. During April revenue was consistent with the impact seen in the second half of March.

In May, the unwinding of restrictions has resulted in a faster uptake in activity, than previously communicated, for Medicover’s services, including elective services, across geographies and divisions with a return to prior year daily revenue levels by end of May for most of the major units. 

Medicover expects to see a continuation of the positive trends in June and continued improvement during Q3 2020 and a return to more normalized trading levels during Q4 2020. Medicover maintains its 3-year guidance for 2020-2022.

There is considerable uncertainty as to the outlook in the development of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting government actions or restrictions, however the essential nature of the services provided by Medicover is supportive for the outlook.

Medicover has increased its indebtedness covenant levels with its banks for its €220m revolving credit facility to ensure increased financial flexibility and ensure compliance in even the most stressed scenarios.

Specific divisional updates:

Diagnostics Services:

  • Germany: Daily revenues have resumed strongly during May, and reached similar to, or above prior year levels since the middle of May.
  • Ukraine & Romania: Services have picked up well during second half of May and on a strong upwards trend since the middle of May, reaching prior year daily revenue levels by the end of the month.
  • Poland: Seeing a positive pick-up in demand during May, however still below prior year daily revenue levels at the end of month.

Healthcare Services:

  • Poland: Fee-For-Service activities have resumed well, however still below prior year daily revenue levels; Employer paid healthcare plans have been broadly maintained during the pandemic. Medicover has continued to service its members’ through the restrictions with high use of Medicover’s digital health delivery platforms; Maternity services have been unimpacted and are currently seeing increased demand.
  • Romania: Employer paid services are seeing a similar positive trend to Poland. Elective services experienced a positive pick up during May. However, still below prior year daily revenue levels for elective services at the end of May.
  • India: Hospital admissions substantially increased during second half of May, alongside easing of restrictions. Volumes are still materially below prior year daily revenues levels as certain restrictions in the major metro areas are still in effect.

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