Financial Statement, 1 January - 31 December 2000

Financial Statement, 1 January - 31 December 2000 * Profit after financial items was SEK -85.4 (21.3) m; net turnover decreased to SEK 110.4 (189.4) m. * CCS' sales grew 10.6% to SEK 77.7 m, operating profit grew by 56% to SEK 15.0 (9.4) m. * In March, Medivir acquired research enterprise Mimetrix of Cambridge, now Medivir UK. Operations have been completely integrated since summer 2000. * In March, Medivir effected a SEK 296 m new share issue. * Phase II trials of ME-609 against oral herpes were completed with favorable results. The collaboration with AstraZeneca was concluded, with Medivir taking over product and patent rights. AstraZeneca will obtain a portion of future income. * Negotiations regarding out-licensing and phase III trials of anti- shingles agent MIV-606 are underway with several interested parties. * Medivir received permission to begin phase I trials on MIV-210 against hepatitis B (jaundice) in December; trials have begun. * New MIV-150 formulations with improved bioavailability have been developed during the year. Forthcoming Reports in 2001 The Annual General Meeting will be on 28 March The three-month Interim Report will be published on 10 May. The six-month Interim Report will be published on 6 July. The nine-month Interim Report will be published on 30 October. These Reports will be available on Medivir's Website on these dates under the heading 'Financial Information'. The complete Annual Report will be available from Medivir's offices at Lunastigen 7, Huddinge, Sweden in mid-March, and distributed to shareholders simultaneously. The Medivir group The group comprises Medivir AB, the subsidiaries Medivir UK Ltd. and CCS AB, plus second-tier subsidiary CCS (UK) Ltd. Medivir is an innovative specialist pharmaceuticals research corporation. Medivir's research is focused on developing new compounds into pharmaceuticals based on proteases and polymerases as target proteins (target enzymes). Medivir's research concentrates primarily on infectious diseases and autoimmune deficiencies. The research portfolio comprises projects against HIV, jaundice, shingles, cold sores and osteoporosis as well as projects in the autoimmune deficiency sphere. CCS develops, manufactures and markets skin-care products and pharmaceuticals, while also undertaking contract manufacture of a number of skin-care products and pharmaceuticals for established brands. Significant events in the year · In March, Medivir acquired UK research enterprise Mimetrix, with an employee headcount of 28, now Medivir UK. Medivir UK's preclinical research activities complement Medivir's preclinical organization, significantly consolidating Medivir's operations. Medivir UK brings several promising research projects in varying preclinical research phases. Additionally, the acquisition brings a series of key technologies, for extending and rationalizing Medivir's research. · In March, Medivir effected a new share issue, raising SEK 296 m. This transaction extended Medivir's institutional ownership both domestically and internationally. · A new preclinical research organizational structure was established during the year, headed up by Professor Bertil Samuelsson. These activities made very positive progress through the year, with several advances in preclinical research. · A phase II trial on ME-609 against labial herpes was concluded with positive results; the preliminary data from this trial were reported in September. The collaboration with AstraZeneca was concluded; Medivir will now be taking this project further. Efforts to secure a suitable collaboration partner and planning ahead of forthcoming phase III trials have begun. · MIV-210 against hepatitis B (jaundice) entered phase I trials. · CCS made a number of acquisitions and signed several contract manufacture agreements. For more information, please contact: Jonas Frick, CEO and President: +46 (0)8 608 3117 Rein Piir, CFO / IR: +46 (0)8 608 3123 Medivir AB, Lunastigen 7, 141 44 Huddinge, Sweden Tel. +46 (0)8 608 3100, e-mail:, ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: The full Year-End Report The full Year-End Report

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Medivir develops innovative drugs with a focus on cancer where the unmet medical needs are high. The company is investing in indication areas where available therapies are limited or missing and there are great opportunities to offer significant improvements to patients. Collaborations and partnerships are important parts of Medivir's business model and the drug development as well as the commercialization is conducted either by Medivir or in partnership. Medivir's share (ticker: MVIR) is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm's Small Cap list.