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  • New strategic alliance formed in the Nordics to compete in the European and US event management markets

New strategic alliance formed in the Nordics to compete in the European and US event management markets

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Lyyti Oy & MeetApp International AB have formed a strategic partnership to combine their competitive advantages and to take their share in the growing European event management software and online event market.

Lyyti is the largest event management software provider in the Nordics, and MeetApp holds the same position in event applications. These two players have now joined forces to offer turnkey solutions to any virtual, hybrid, and in-person event. 

“Our core is in participant data management, easy-registration events to complex events, efficient communication tools and proving the efficiency of event marketing. As we combine this with MeetApp’s world-class event application and streaming possibilities, we can offer a one-stop-shop to any customer in Europe and the US willing to organise any event”, Petri Hollmén, CEO of Lyyti, describes the partnership.

“We are strong in the Nordics and the USA, and Lyyti is strong also in France and the Netherlands. Now, with the integrated products and sales & marketing, we can serve our existing customers better. In addition to this, we can also reach a much wider market as our offering covers the full event life cycle on two continents”, comments MeetApp CEO Mats Bäcklund.

Together these two companies form one of the largest players in Europe. Lyyti has been used annually to serve over 75 000 events, and it employs 75 professionals in Finland, Sweden, France and the Netherlands. MeetApp has 24 employees in Sweden, the USA and India; it has been used annually in more than 6000 events.

"In-person events were hit hard by the pandemic, with major impacts on our industry, but we managed to quickly reposition the company and product towards virtual events during 2020. Virtual events have come to stay while at the same time we will see a surge of hybrid and in-person events when the world opens up again. The MeetApp-Lyyti collaboration is uniquely well-positioned for a post pandemic world where customers expect one flexible, unified solution regardless of whether the event format is virtual, hybrid or in-person”, Bäcklund summarises.


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MeetApp International AB
Mats Bäcklund, CEO, Founder

Lyyti Oy
Petri Hollmén, CEO, Founder


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