Mekonomen Group's training center ProMeister Academy first in Norway to launch training for self-driving vehicles

ProMeister Academy is the first player in Norway to launch a preparatory training course for second-degree self-driving vehicle. Which is the most advanced level available in regular traffic today. Starting in autumn 2019, vehicle technicians in Norway will be able to prepare for a future self-driving car fleet through vehicle assistance system training.

“We know that the trend is moving towards self-driving vehicles and therefore the industry needs to prepare for the new technology. Our training will focus on the self-driving vehicles' assistance systems that gives participants a foundation to manage and service automated vehicles”, says Kjell Teige, responsible for ProMeister Academy Norway.

ProMeister Academy's training gives vehicle technicians the skills required to handle the system technology of the second-degree self-driving vehicles. The education will initially be available in the ProMeister Academy's modern training center in Bergen and Ski. It is also possible that the education will be launched in more countries in the future.

In about five years, we believe that there will be a complete education for self-driving vehicles. Today it is about preparing the industry's automotive technicians in the assistance systems that mainly exist in cars from 2016 and later. We follow the development and gradually expand our training offerings to meet the increasingly advanced car fleet”, says Kjell Teige.

More about self-driving cars:

  • Autonomy in cars is rated 1-5, where 2 is the most advanced level in cars that drive in regular traffic today.
  •  Today, most cars from 2016 and later have assistance systems that simplify driving and increase safety for the driver.
  • ProMeister Academy's preparatory training starts in Norway in autumn 2019. The training gives the participants knowledge of the more advanced assistance systems available in the cars from 2016 and later.

For further information, please contact:

Kjell Teige, responsible for ProMeister Academy Norway
Telephone: +47 479 03 55, Email

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