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  • Mellifiq secures an investment from consortium led by Anders Jacobson and acquires Ozonetech

Mellifiq secures an investment from consortium led by Anders Jacobson and acquires Ozonetech

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Today Mellifiq announced that it has raised a significant investment amount together with internationally recognized impact investor Anders Jacobson to speed up its international expansion for market-leading environmental solutions.

Mellifiq is an environmental service company that recently acquired several well-known brands such as Ozonetech which complements its offering of water filtration and industrial air solutions. Ozonetech’s portfolio consists of cutting-edge engineered products and unique solutions for air and water treatment based on advanced oxidation technologies. The Mellifiq brands have been installed in more than 100 countries with over 1,500 delivered projects. The group will rapidly satisfy the market demand with its unique set of proprietary products, systems and engineering solutions.

“Behrooz and Behrang Gilanpour has successfully created an incredible platform of know-how, technology, products and brands to bring clean air and water to all in a cost-efficient and sustainable way with a minimal environmental footprint. Ozonetech, for example, consist of an incredible line of products and solutions combining ozone and advanced oxidation technology in a revolutionizing way to enable residential homeowners, commercial businesses as well as municipals to treat water and air cost-effectively yet more efficiently than any other available solution today. I am thrilled and honored to join as investor and board member to support the business in serving this huge untapped market,” comments Anders Jacobson.

The Gilanpour family has, since the acquisition of Ozonetech in 2008, systematically developed the company from a promising proprietary technology owner to an internationally recognized player with numerous best-in-class products, systems and solutions. To continue delivering on the everincreasing demand for sustainable air and water treatment, the Ozonetech team joined Mellifiq in 2020. With many reputable clients worldwide, such as Northvolt, Samsung, Microsoft and Bosch, Mellifiq has set the scene and established itself as an international leader in the air and water treatment industry.

Behrooz Gilanpour, newly appointed CEO at Mellifiq, says: “With Anders onboard and the Mellifiq portfolio of a number of top technologies, products and solutions, we are now anxious to deliver on the growing international demand we have been experiencing for the past decade. As the result of our focus and many years of development of unparallel advanced oxidation technologies, filter systems and membrane solutions, hand in hand with more than 40 years of experience, we believe we are uniquely positioned to keep our tremendous growth while helping to solve some of the world’s most sophisticated challenges.”

For further information, please contact:

Behrooz Gilanpour, +46 10 252 30 10 – CEO Mellifiq

Anders Jacobson, +46 702 02 99 09

About Mellifiq

Mellifiq is a multi-awarded environmental service company group, that since the early nineties has evolved into a world leading system and solution provider with multiple groundbreaking applications for industrial, municipal, and real estate clients. We supply cutting-edge technologies to manage the most sophisticated air, water, and energy challenges. Mellifiq offers a complete range of air and water treatment technologies and solutions across multiple industries such as processing industry, energy sector, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment and commercial real estate. Our unique technology and our extensive expertise have made us the Center of Excellence for the world’s most complex projects, and a global player with installations on all six continents. Every day millions of people rely on our solutions for ventilation, disinfection, sanitation, and odor control. We are committed to raising the bar for the concept of clean and the industry standard for engineering, technical services and general contracting. Read more at www.mellifiq.com.

About Anders Jacobson

Anders Jacobson is a seasoned investor and entrepreneur with focus on sustainability, and in particular, water, food, health and wellness, and renewable energy. Throughout his career, Anders has become an internationally recognized leader in the impact investment field. He has founded, managed, invested in, and advised growth companies and start-ups as well as multinationals on strategy, tactics and execution, and have acted as advisor and mentor to a variety of accelerators, prize competitions and open innovation hubs. In 2019, Anders was named Sweden’s top Super Talent of 2019 by the leading Swedish business and finance weekly Veckans Affärer, which ranked him number one out of a total list of 101 finalists.

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