Investment from Ove K. Invest A/S is now registered

As announced in a separate Press Release, dated April 24th, 2018 (see link below) and as confirmed at MenuCard AB:s (“MenuCard”) annual general meeting June 12th 2018 the investment from Ove K. Invest A/S was conducted. This investment has now been registered at Bolagsverket and as a result, the total number of A-shares is increased as planned and previously announced with 1.300.000 from 3.532.966 to 4.832.966. No B-shares have been issued and the total number of B-share is unchanged 7.566.381. The share capital is increased with SEK 162.500 from SEK 1.387.418 to SEK 1.549.918.

Link to the press release from April 24th, 2018:

For more information about MenuCard, please contact:
Kim Lykke Sommer, VD MenuCard AB
Phone: +45 23 83 20 25

MenuCard AB ( MenuCard was founded in Denmark and digitalizes restaurant transactions in an internationally scalable way. MenuCard is an app-based service that targets companies and their employees. Through the app, employees can handle everything from getting inspiration and booking a table, to payment with up to 30 percent discount. Lately, MenuCard has added MenuTickets to its service, which allows users to buy advantageous tickets to menus at quality restaurants on certain days of the week. In any case, the amount after discount is transferred to MenuCards account and the restaurant as well as the user obtains an instant digital receipt. MenuCard obtains a 3-10% transaction fee and settles with the restaurant bi-monthly. MenuCard has partnered with over 200 companies, with about 500.000 employees in aggregate and over 600 quality restaurants in Denmark. 200 of these are connected to the new TAKEOUT service, giving MenuCard users the possibility to get quality food delivered within an hour at a 5% discount. In addition, a subset of the MenuCard service is available to the 18 million members of Club Matas through the MenuCard Matas partner App. MenuCard is approved by the Danish “Finanstilsynet”, the equivalent to the Swedish “Finansinspektionen”.


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