The proportion of voting rights of Metsäliitto Cooperative in Metsä Board has exceeded the 2/3 threshold

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Metsä Board Corporation Stock Exchange release (Flagging release) 10 March 2020 at 12.35 p.m. EET

Metsä Board Corporation has received an announcement under Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Securities Markets Act, from Metsäliitto Cooperative on 9 March 2020.

The flagging notification is based on an acquisition of shares or voting rights.

According to the announcement, the total voting rights of Metsäliitto Cooperative in Metsä Board Corporation has exceeded the 2/3 threshold on 6 March, 2020.

Metsäliitto Cooperative has announced the following information:

  % shares and voting rights (total of A) % shares and voting rights through financial instruments (total of B) Total of both in % (A+B) Total number of shares and voting rights of issuer
Resulting situation on the date on which threshold was exceeded 47.04% and
- 47.04%
355,512,746 and 984,178,039
Position of previous notification (if applicable) - - - -

Notified details of the resulting situation after the threshold was exceeded:

A: Shares and voting rights Numbers of shares and voting rights % of shares and voting rights
Class / type of shares ISIN code Direct
(SMA 9:5)
Indirect (SMA 9:6 and 9:7) Direct (SMA 9:5) Indirect (SMA 9:6 and 9:7)
FI0009000665 (B) 141,464,551 and 141,464,551 - 39.79% and 14.37%  
FI0009000640 (A) 25,767,605 and 515,352,100 - 7.25% and
A TOTAL 167,232,156 shares and 656,816,651 voting rights 47.04% of shares and 66.74% of voting rights


Further information:

Katri Sundström, VP, Investor Relations, tel. +358 10 462 0101

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