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  • Outotec launches advanced in-situ carbon measurement system for minimizing gold losses in CIP and CIL circuits

Outotec launches advanced in-situ carbon measurement system for minimizing gold losses in CIP and CIL circuits

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Continuous, reliable, and representative carbon concentration measurement is vital in carbon-in-pulp (CIP) and carbon-in-leach (CIL) circuits to minimize gold solution losses. Outotec® CarbonSense is a fully automated in-situ measurement system that is directly immersed in the slurry, eliminating the need for sample transfer and ensuring optimal carbon management.

Outotec CarbonSense is a robust system that is designed to operate continuously in the agitated area of the reactor to ensure a highly representative analysis. The system features a reference probe to ensure reliable measurement even in changing process conditions.

A flexible system that is easy to maintain and calibrate

A single connection cabinet can support up to eight measurement assemblies, along with fiber-optic and copper media connections to the plant network. The system supports virtually any network topology, including star and ring configurations. Maintenance is simplified with all power supplies and fuses located in one place.

The portable calibration unit uses authentic slurry and carbon to ensure the best possible results and reliable measurement performance. No recalibration is needed when slurry properties change since the measurement is based on the difference between the measurement probe and the reference probe.

Minimize gold losses with continuous, reliable measurement

Continuous and reliable carbon concentration measurements minimize gold losses by enabling accurate control over carbon transfer between reactors. The Outotec ACT Carbon Management application is designed to take full advantage of the measurement data.

The system is delivered as a ready-to-install package including measurement assemblies, connection cabinets and analysis software and licenses.

Outotec CarbonSense key benefits

  • Enables continuous, representative, and reliable carbon measurement
  • Supports development of efficient strategies for advanced CIP/CIL control
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Simple to install, operate, and maintain with no moving parts or sample transfer
  • Increases safety by helping to avoid blockages and other sampling issues​

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