Meyer-Optik Announces Trioplan f2.9/50 Kickstarter Now Offering Leica L and Pentax K Mount Versions

The Trioplan f2.9/50 becomes the first third party lens made for Leica L Mount SL & T Cameras

Atlanta, GA -- May 4, 2016 -- Meyer-Optik Görlitz announced today support for Leica L (suitable for SL & T mirrorless cameras ) and Pentax K mounts with its  new Kickstarter for the Trioplan f2.9/50.With the fundraiser for the soap bubble bokeh lens surpassing $500,0000, Meyer –Optik was able to add support for Leica and Pentax versions of the Trioplan 50,

Meyer-Optik is the first 3rd party lens manufacturer to create a lens for Leica L.  The Trioplan series has been a nostalgic favorite for mirrorless camera users, in particular Sony and Fuji. Providing an art lens for the superior Leica family of mirrorless cameras was a natural step.

The Pentax K Mount lens supports the camera company’s 35 mm SLR and DSLR cameras as well as the K-01 mirrorless camera. The new version of the Trioplan f2.9/50 will bring soap bubble bokeh to this photography lover’s camera series.

“The response to the Trioplan f2.9/50 and its innovative new  front focusing lens has been tremendous,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, CEO and creative director of the project. “Demand justifies the addition of these two new Leica L and Pentax K versions of the Trioplan f2.9/50.  We are very proud to offer support for these two prestigious camera brands, and in particular are thrilled to be the first third party manufacturer of an art lens for the Leica SL & T cameras.”

The Trioplan f2.9/50 Kickstarter will continue until 12:00 p.m. Central European Time on May 19.  Backers will be asked after the Kickstarter ends their preferred lens mount.

Additional tech specs at a glance: 

  • Optical Construction: Classical Cooke Triplet, 3 lenses in 3 groups
  • Aperture: 1:2,9 to 1:22
  • Focal length: 50mm
  • Minimum Focussing Distance:  0,25 m using the front focusing mechanism (ß‘=-0,245 / 1:4)
  • Filter: 35,5mm
  • Clip-On Diameter: 39mm
  • Size:  Ø 62 mm, length 39 mm
  • Weight: 200g
  • Number of Aperture Blades: 12, AR-coated
  • Lenses: Anti Reflex Coating/ Supplier: Schott Glas
  • Format: 24 mm x 36 mm (Compatible with Full format and APSC Cameras)
  • Angle: 21°
  • Image Ratio: up to 1:4 using the front focusing element

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A brand with a proud tradition and reputation for exceptional products, Meyer-Optik-Görlitz started manufacturing innovative, high-quality lenses in Germany in 1896.  In 2014, net SE revived the traditional spirit of the lenses once known throughout the world and started developing new lenses under the Meyer-Optik-Görlitz brand in Germany. Manufacturing handmade lenses started in 2015 with first generation prototypes.  Serial production began in early 2016.

In May 2015, net SE created a new subsidiary, Meyer-Optik USA Inc. headquartered in Atlanta, GA. Meyer-Optik USA is online at and on Facebook and Twitter.