Tigo launches partnership with Facebook’s Internet.org in Guatemala

Stockholm, 26 March, 2015 – Millicom, the international telecommunications and media company (Stockholmsbörsen: MIC), announced today a partnership in Guatemala between its Tigo operation with Facebook’s Internet.org initiative. It follows the launch of similar partnerships with local Tigo operations in Paraguay, Tanzania and Colombia. 

The partnership means Tigo customers in Guatemala will be the first in the country to access a number of popular and useful services without any data charges via the Internet.org app. These include:

  • 24Symbols: free online books
  • AccuWeather: get updated weather information
  • Alertos.org: help fight crime in Guatemala
  • BabyCenter & Mama: health and education information for kids care
  • Bing Search: find information
  • Clasificados.com: buy and sell products and services
  • Directorio.com: find phone numbers and contact information
  • Duolingo: a language tuition service with over 70 million downloads created by Guatemalan Luis Von Ahn
  • Facebook: communicate with friends and family
  • Girl Effect: read articles and tips for girls
  • Messenger: send messages to friends and family
  • Noticias.com: local news service
  • Sheva: health and education content for teenage girls
  • Su Dinero: get financial information and advice
  • UN Women YoAprendo: read about women’s path to success
  • Unicef Facts for Life: content supporting women and children and
  • Wikipedia: the free online encyclopedia.

Guatemala is a very important mobile market for Millicom. Tigo Guatemala has more than eight million customers while Facebook itself has an estimated 3.4 million users nationwide.

At this month’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Mario Zanotti, Millicom’s Senior Executive Vice-President for Latin America, shared a platform to speak about the success of the partnerships and the benefits of bring people access to Internet.org and free basic services. 

Chris Daniels, Vice President of Internet.org, Facebook said, "We are excited to be partnering with Tigo to bring Internet.org to Guatemala. As we did just a few months ago in Colombia, today we are offering a set of free basic services so more people can come online, discover the Internet and access useful services and information.”

Mario Zanotti added, “Following the success of our Tigo partnerships with Internet.org in Africa and elsewhere in Latin America, we are delighted to extend this now to Guatemala. With its lineup of engaging and useful content combined with Tigo’s affordable smartphones, we are sure this alliance will once again encourage many more people to get online and extend digital inclusion. We hope that Tigo customers in Guatemala will enjoy using these services as we continue to promote the wider benefits of the digital lifestyle.” 

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