Two key recruitments at Fingersoft

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The Finnish mobile game studio Fingersoft has appointed Mr. Mika Reini as a new member of its Board of Directors, and Mr. Teemu Väisänen will start in the newly created position of Game Development Technical Director.

Mika Reini has worked in the gaming industry for over 20 years and is now an investor and advisor to a number of companies. Reini has previously served on the boards of Remedy and Redhill Games, among others, and currently works as CEO of Dreamboss Ltd.

“Thank you to the shareholders of Fingersoft for the trust. I am genuinely looking forward to bringing my experience to the mix and helping out however I can. I am also excited for the opportunity to learn new things from new people. I can honestly say that it has been a while since I have been looking forward to something as much as I am looking forward to this,” Mika Reini says.

With the addition of the new Game Development Technical Director position, Fingersoft intends to invest more in technological development and especially in the development of new Hill Climb Racing games. Appointed to the position, Teemu Väisänen has more than 14 years of experience in various positions in the gaming industry. Prior to his new position, he worked as a Lead Programmer on the development team for the new Hill Climb Racing game.

“I have extensive experience in technical and artistic aspects of game development, which brings a unique vision and know-how. Artists’ tools and the implementation of their visions are close to my heart,” says Väisänen.

Fingersoft’s CEO Mr. Jaakko Kylmäoja states that the new appointments respond especially to the company’s development needs.

“The number of employees in the company doubled during the corona pandemic, and that brought with it new challenges related to the synchronization of teams, development work, and technical needs. In the Game Development Technical Director role, Teemu will solve these issues with his solid experience. We also wanted to get someone with a valuable outside perspective and experience on Fingersoft’s board, and Mika brings, among other things, good financial expertise,” says Kylmäoja.

Fingersoft is a mobile gaming company from Oulu, Finland. The company’s most successful mobile games are Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2.

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Fingersoft is a Finnish game studio that focuses on fun-filled content for mobile devices. The company is famous for its worldwide smash hits Hill Climb Racing and Hill Climb Racing 2 that have accumulated 2 billion downloads in total across platforms. Fingersoft’s games are available for iOS, Android and Amazon. Founded in 2012, Fingersoft is headquartered in Oulu, Finland and employs 100 people. For more information, please visit