MindArk starts trading today, 27 January 2023

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MindArk PE AB (publ) (the "Company" or "MindArk") will begin trading today, 27 January 2023, on the Spotlight Stock Market. The shares are traded under the short name MNDRK and the ISIN code SE0019354358.

On 11 January 2023, MindArk was approved for a direct listing of the Company's shares on the Spotlight Stock Market with a planned first day of trading on 27 January (see press release dated 11 January 2023). A memorandum has been available on www.mindark.com/investor-relations/the-share/ since the approval.


Information about the share

Short name: MNDRK

ISIN: SE0019354358

Number of shares in the Company: 31 524 625

Proportion of shares under lock-up: Approximately 48%


For more information, please contact:

Henrik Nel Jerkrot

CEO, MindArk PE AB (publ)


Tel: +46 31 607 260


MindArk PE AB (publ) 

Org. nr. 556640-4769

Masthamnsgatan 5

413 27 Gothenburg



About MindArk

MindArk PE AB (publ) (“the Company” or “MindArk”) develops and operates Entropia Universe, the world's first MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) with a “Real-Cash-Economy”, and Entropia Platform. Entropia Universe is a virtual universe consisting of a number of planets with different themes and activities. The software is provided globally and free of charge with the possibility to spend money in the virtual universe for anyone with access to the internet and a PC. Entropia Universe consists of a digital economy where resources, materials, land, and buildings are represented as digital assets with an underlying base value. Entropia Platform is the technology platform that powers Entropia Universe. The platform is shared with partners who develop their own unique game content for their planets in Entropia Universe.