Own a piece of Entropia history and earn real money with the Ancient Greece share offering

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Gothenburg, Sweden - March 10, 2020 - Next Island, a planet within the real cash economy game Entropia Universe is proud to announce an upcoming share offering for their parallel universe destination: Ancient Greece.

Ancient Greece is the second destination to list shares on the Entropia Exchange. The Entropia Exchange was introduced late spring 2019 with the sale of the Crystal Palace Space Station which saw the 500,000 shares offered sell out in two days.

The 750,000 available shares for Ancient Greece equal 50% of the revenue generated at the 64km2 large destination and will be sold on the Entropia Exchange starting March 10, 2020 12:00 UTC at a price of 10 Project Entropia Dollar (PED) or $1.00 USD each. Anyone interested can purchase shares for Ancient Greece using an Entropia Universe account. All shares pay out in convertible in-game dividends and are available to be bought and resold throughout the Entropia Universe.

When you visit Orpheus Cave on Next Island you will be transported to the parallel universe of Ancient Greece, with all the myths and culture you would expect. 

Whether you want to explore the culture of an ancient civilization or investigate the myths of Ancient Greece this is the offer for you. Once you travel here you can expect to be confronted by Minotaurs, Cyclops, Centaurs, the Gorgon and more.

With the latest release, Ancient Greece has introduced a wide variety of new content including 3 new unique bosses, several new missions, upgradeable armor and estates to build your own Ancient Greece home on.


Entropia Universe is a living, breathing virtual multi-world online game where players can escape and create their own reality, choosing their own path and transforming themselves into whoever they want to be. First launched in 2003, Entropia Universe has continuously raised the bar for online virtual societies by introducing players to real-cash currency, limitless job possibilities, and a full-on item investment platform. Players collect and earn virtual currency (‘Project Entropia Dollars’ or ‘PED’) within the game and are able to convert this cash to and from their real-world bank accounts. Since launch, five other developers through the Entropia Planet Partners program have created additional planets, each with their own unique attributes and systems.

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