Video: Projects Update by CEO Dr Martin Edlund

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Minesto has today published a video with CEO Dr Martin Edlund, where he gives an update on the company’s different projects.

The video is available to watch on Minesto’s website. Items from the update include:

  • Vestmannasund, Faroe Islands. Project and collaboration with electric utility SEV are going full steam ahead. Grid connection is being prepared and hardware development (DG100) is going according to plan.
  • Holyhead Deep, Wales. The project has been fuelled by the recent announcement of €14.9 million of EU funding. The hardware is ready following upgrades to the DG500 kite system. Minesto's operations team in North Wales is now preparing for launch and testing.
  • Taiwan and Florida. Great opportunities to move ahead with both these flagship ocean current projects this Autumn.
  • Public funding strategy. Satisfying outcome of Minesto’s strategy to attract public funding support to the company’s projects. The recent awarded public sector funding is all targeting the commercial leap. The landscape of various public funding support suitable to ocean energy projects today is comprehensive, and Minesto is very well-equipped to go after larger project support.

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