Mirasys VMS version 7.4 - the interface created for users

Mirasys latest software release, Mirasys 7.4, has been improved based on customer feedback making the Mirasys Spotter interface even more user friendly and feature rich.  With the new Spotter Mixed Playback Mode users can simultaneously view live and playback recordings in the same tab. Mirasys Spotter can now be used as a standalone media player - there is no need for a server connection. New feature improvements to joystick controls and the ability to share comments on Alarm events with Spotter Bookmarks plus Built-in Help for users. Automatic Port Forwarding eliminates the need to carry out manual router configuration for each server or client separately.

“If there is an incident that needs to be acted upon, the Spotter Mixed Playback Mode allows the user to keep monitoring the live cameras, but at the same time on the same screen also simultaneously review recorded material for the same and/or other cameras while investigating the incident,” said Petri Bäckström, Security Product Line Director, at Mirasys Ltd.

The Spotter Player executable makes it possible to use Spotter as a standalone media player using Spotter without a server connection; no installation is needed, you just run the executable program. You can view both video clips and archives, use plugins such as the 360 dewarping plugin for video clips and archives. You can distribute a video clip or archive with the “no-installation required” Spotter Player.

Spotter Bookmarks makes it easy to create, share and export comments on events (alarms or otherwise). The Spotter User Guide provides built in support to help answer any questions you might have using the interface.

Joystick related improvements cover areas like controlling layouts, I/Os, PTZ presets, PTZ tours, automatic joystick axis configuration and configuration import/export for easier deployment to multiple client PCs.

Automatic Port Forwarding gives users the ability to connect to one or more VMS servers and use them from client applications located behind NAT (Network Address Translation) routers without requiring manual router configuration for each server or client separately.

“Several smaller feature developments improve not only the single feature but the overall user experience,” said Petri Bäckström.

More information

Petri Bäckström, Security Product Line Director, tel. +358 50 375 3074

email: petri.backstrom@mirasys.com

Sari Lappalainen, Marketing Director, tel. +358 40 511 3457

email: sari.lappalainen@mirasys.com 

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