Rich and intuitive user experience on a completely new level

Rich and intuitive user experience on a completely new level 

In Mirasys VMS 6.2 the ease of use for professional users is set to a completely new level. In this new version, the unique Mirasys Spotter user interface (UI) brings forth virtual cameras, automatic zoom, and intuitive VCA such as object tracking and highlighting functions. Sami Ovaska, CTO at Mirasys, explains: “You can have just one camera, from which several different views are taken. So you can use the full power of high megapixel cameras to create various views just out of a single image. Through our unique Spotter UI, a user can choose interesting parts from the full recorded camera view and look those parts as separate camera views in live or playback. These virtual cameras can overlap, and their aspect ratio and zoom level can be freely defined. Flexibility in aspect ratios is very handy for example in creating virtual views from corridors eliminating uninteresting elements like wall surfaces from the view.”

Virtual cameras require zero capacity increase from the network or storage, as Mirasys VMS 6.2 processes everything from the single original feed, from which dozens of virtual views can be drawn. Due to the advanced access management of Mirasys VMS, any virtual camera views can be saved for an easy access afterwards. The saved information follows the user’s ID.

New, unique visualized video intelligence brings helpful tools from autozooming to intuitive video analysis for Mirasys VMS users. These tools can be applied to any virtual camera view individually and they can hightlight objects by framing them, show the tracking lines of the directions of the objects, and zoom automatically to an area in which movement is detected. Autozooming gives the best result with a virtual camera overlooking an area, on which movement is infrequent. These features work both in live and playback mode. If a Mirasys Video Content Analysis (VCA) license is activated, Mirasys Spotter user interface can automatically utilize the inbuilt VCA options.

With this new release, camera investments and available megapixels can be utilized to their fullest. User can view and record up to 60 megapixel frames per second, in addition to autozoom and virtual cameras. Thanks to the high frame-rate camera support, users need not worry about losing any details of even the quickest actions – very useful in environments such as casinos, retail cashier desks, and traffic surveillance.

Mirasys VMS 6.2 allows users to take advantage of the full screen view by freeing them differing camera aspect ratios. Typically, a camera view is constrained to fixed aspect ratio, which leads to the screen being filled with black strings on the screen between camera views of different sizes. Mirasys enables personalised views to be created to optimize the use of the full screen. The original full camera view is still recorded and can be viewed and played back fully.

“Ease of use and the total cost of ownership play important roles in our development work. We are interested in to get most out of the technologies for our customers’ benefit but not at any cost,” describes Mr. Ovaska and continues: “With Mirasys VMS 6.2, we can extend the system throughput drastically. For our customers, it means that they need less server capasity even while using more full HD cameras. Hence our customers can realize savings in server purchase, maintenance and service costs.”

Mirasys VMS 6.2 runs in Windows XP, 7 and 8, and Windows Server 2008 and 2012.

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