Croatia’s First Milk Bank buys Human Milk Analyzer™ – with support from UNICEF

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Miris are delighted to have been able to assist with the first Human Milk Bank in Croatia with the Human Milk Analyzer™ at the University Hospital Zagreb. The medical device is donated by UNICEF, who also supports the milk bank project which will ensure the best possible care for premature babies and ill newborns.

Miris, the global leader in human milk analysis, announces the sale of the Miris Human Milk Analyzer™ to the first Human Milk Bank in Croatia at University Hospital Zagreb that opened in August 2017. The Miris HMA™ measures the concentration of macronutrients in human milk, to ensure that premature and sick babies receive the optimal nutrition. The order is of great importance since UNICEF has provided financial assistance for the investment in the Miris HMA™ to improve the care for prematurely born babies in Croatia. 

- “Miris are delighted to have been able to assist the first Human Milk Bank in Croatia with the Miris Human Milk Analyzer™. We wish the University Hospital Zagreb and the UNICEF continued success in their work with the Milk Bank and would like to thank them for choosing the Miris HMA™, commented Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO Miris. 

An average of 2,000 children in Croatia are born prematurely every year, and out of this number 400 need intensive medical care. Human milk is crucial for their survival and development. Premature babies who are given breastmilk have a much lower risk of contracting serious infections and developing long-term complications, and they also need to spend less time in hospital.  

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Miris is a global MedTech company who develops and sells instruments and solutions for human milk analysis. The products are used at neonatal intensive care units, milk banks and research centers worldwide. The purpose is to enable clinicians to practice individualized nutrition of human milk using target fortification, thus giving preterm babies the best possible start in life. Miris received FDA clearance for the Human Milk Analyzer™ for the US market in December 2018. The mission is to make individualized nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve neonatal health. Miris Holding AB is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden.

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