Miris HMA™ installed in Singapore to provide invaluable help for premature babies

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Miris announces the official release and Singapore's first clinical installation of Miris Human Milk Analyzer™ (Miris HMA™) at the milk bank KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Singapore. For the first time doctors in Singapore now have access to a diagnostic test to analyze the nutrients in human milk, which is crucial in the case of extreme premature or sick babies with particular nutritional needs.

The Miris HMA™ enables the KK Human Milk Bank – the only Milk bank in Singapore - to perform a diagnostic test to measure nutrients in human milk. The KK Milk Bank supports the NICUs at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National University Hospital and Singapore General Hospital. Being able to easily perform direct analysis of breast milk makes it possible to give premature or sick babies milk with the right composition when it is needed at most.

To donate or use donor milk would not have been possible just two years ago, since there is a belief that an Islamic woman who nurses a baby more than five times, becomes a "milk mother" to the child, which is a relationship with special rights under Islamic law (mahramiyah). But thanks to new ruling from The Fatwa Committee in Singapore 2017, they do not believe there is any kinship established when feeding early born babies with donor milk, and Muslim premature babies are now able to benefit from the donor human bank milk and nutritional care at the hospital.

Camilla Myhre Sandberg, CEO of Miris; "The installation of the first Miris HMA at the KK Human Milk Bank is a major milestone for neonatal care in Singapore. The target fortification method of human milk that is considered standard care in neonatal intensive care units in Sweden is now available in Singapore and will provide help to more than thousand babies in urgent need a year. It is an exciting milestone for us to introduce the benefits of Miris HMA in this part of the world and helps to continue to ensure the best possible outcome for premature babies”. 

For more information:
Camilla Myhre Sandberg, VD Miris Holding AB. Cell phone: +46 18 14 69 07,
e-post: camilla.sandberg@mirissolutions.com

About Miris
Miris is a global Med Tech company who develops, manufactures, markets and sells solutions for human milk analysis. The products are used at neonatal intensive care units, milk banks and research centers worldwide. The purpose is to enable clinicians to practice individualized nutrition of human milk using target fortification, thus giving preterm babies the best possible start in life. Miris received FDA clearance for the Human Milk Analyzer™ for the US market in December 2018. The mission is to make individualized nutrition, based on breast milk, available globally to improve neonatal health. Miris Holding AB is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in Sweden.

This information is the information that Miris Holding AB is required to disclose under the EU Market Abuse Regulation. The information was provided by the above contact person for publication on July 11, 2019.


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