Melody launches new mobile group coordinator

New smart mobile service: Melody launches new mobile group coordinator Melody MultiSelect is a user-friendly mobile group communicator. It makes it easy for mobile users to contact groups of other mobile users rapidly with a suggestion or an inquiry. Recipients can reply to the SMS inquiry simply by selecting one of the alternative answers. These answers are then summarized and transmitted back to the sender in a readily comprehensible format to enable a decision to be reached. For example, you can coordinate your friends, staff, family or football team as entire groups. "This is the most effective way of reaching a group of people rapidly in a short time and, above all, obtaining their views as the basis for a decision," says Ulf Änggård, CEO & President of Melody Interactive Solutions. Melody MultiSelect can be used whenever a decision basis needs to be obtained for social activities, coordinating meetings, reconciling the views of groups and similar tasks. The ability to reach entire groups with inquiries enables the sender to save time and obtain a decision basis easily. Melody MultiSelect automatically gathers the answers together and advises the sender of the results of the inquiry in a single message. "The smart thing about Melody MultiSelect is that it breaks down the process into three stages: transmission, processing and confirmation. The time-saving for the user is considerable, and the service provides the operator with an opportunity to increase the traffic volume," says Ulf Änggård. Melody MultiSelect is future proof and is supported by SMS, WAP and Web technology. The sender enters a message including various suggested alternatives, for example a selection of films that you would like to see at the cinema, which is displayed on the recipients' mobile telephones. When they answer, the user can see how the group has chosen and reserve seats for the most popular film. Melody MultiSelect combines the efficient group mailings that are possible via e-mail with the accessibility of the mobile telephone and, perhaps most important of all, processes the information and summarizes the decision basis in one message to the sender. "Melody MultiSelect makes life easier for all of us today who believe that it can be a laborious process to invite our friends to social activities at short notice, to call meetings or to get in contact with groups of people in order to obtain their views on a particular question," concludes Ulf Änggård. For more information, please contact: Fadi Pharaon, Senior VP. Tel: +46 8 454 96 74, Mobile +46 70 854 72 74 Ulf Änggård, CEO & President.Tel: +46 8 454 96 28, Mobile +46 70 854 72 28 BACKGROUND TO MELODY Melody Interactive Solutions AB supplies end-user services to Mobile Internet operators, service providers and portal companies. Services are based on the notion of facilitating communication between individuals and their electronic devices via mobile telephones. Melody was founded in Stockholm in August 1998 and is financed by Telenor Ventures A/S, Capital Group, IT Provider and StartupFactory. Melody is a member of the WAP Forumtm, Mobile Applications Initiative and Bluetoothtm SIG. Further information is available at ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: